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Hemp, also known as marijuana or cannabis, comes from the Cannabaceae family and is divided into 4 main varieties. All variets of cannabis are derived from Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is an important industrial plant used in many specific fields such as industry, medicine or as a popular relaxant. Cannabis Sativa and Indica are most commonly used for these purposes.

Cannabis varieties

Cannabis Sativa - reaches a considerable height of up to 5 meters. The leaves are narrow and toothed, and the flowers are disordered. Sativa is more commonly used for the production of marijuana. It contains a higher content of the cannabinoid THC, but produces less CBN and CBD

Cannabis Indica - is rather smaller and can grow up to 2 meters high. However, for its height and overall size, it offers a higher yield. The stem is wider than Cannabis Sativa, as are the leaves. Indica produces less THC than sativa. Indica is mainly grown as medical marijuana.

Cannabis Ruderalis - Cannabis Ruderalis is a smaller cannabis species that contains fewer active ingredients. Cannabis Ruderalis crosses with other species to form so-called autoflowering marijuana seeds, which flower regardless of the season and can be grown all year round.

Cannabis toxicology

The content of psychoactive substances in marijuana varies greatly. There are about 70 stimulant or dampening substances. Of these, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which has significant euphoric effects, is the most common. THC content ranges from 1% to 30%. In cannabis today, the substances most commonly found are CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabiol), which have significant therapeutic effects, and CBC (cannabichromin), which enhances the effects of THC. In addition to cannabinoids, it contains numerous terpenes, cannabinoid acids, terpenoids, flavonoids, glauconoid glycosides, polyphenols and other bioactive substances.

Useful effects of marijuanna

Marijuana is used in a number of countries for the supportive treatment of diseases. Cannabis is mainly used to treat skin problems such as atopic eczema, psoriasis, acne and others. A significant positive effect of marijuana has been noted in the treatment of eye diseases, especially glaucoma and conjunctivitis. In addition to its positive physical effects, it also has good applications in mental illness and on the psyche. Also for rheumatism, pain, inflammation, nausea, loss of appetite and, of course, depression. Read the studies about cannabis. In many countries, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, the use of marijuana is legal. In most countries, possession of small amounts of marijuana is legal, but it is still considered a violation of the law. There are no legal restrictions on cannabis seeds.


CBD and its effect on the human body

Medical CBD (cannabidiol) is a legal substance derived from organic hemp plants, contains no prohibited amounts of THC, is non-psychoactive, has significant therapeutic effects, and is generally sedating. CBD is a very popular cannabis nutritional supplement. The numerous positive effects of CBD have been proven time and time again in scientific studies.

Most commonly, CBD is taken in the form of oil. Thanks to the CO2 extraction method, all substances with potentially positive effects - phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC), terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and other vitamins or minerals - are preserved in the extract. CBD oil in dropper bottles is a guaranteed classic, CBD capsules have precise and easy dosage, CBD spray is tasty and also allows precise dosage.

CBD crystals represent the concentrated potency of the cannabinoid. The crystals or isolate contain at least 98% CBD, so the benefits and positive effects can be enjoyed directly.

Terpenes are a natural component of all flowers, herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables and also the cannabis plant. The essential oils contained in terpenes are responsible for the specific smell of plants and crops. Terpenes have a calming effect on the mind and body. More about the use of terpenes in treatment.

The fastest method to get the CBD effect started is vaporizing e-liquid. CBD e-liquids are used just like regular refills for e-cigarettes. They do not contain any harmful substances, nicotine or THC, so you cannot get addicted.

With CBD cosmetics, you can help the affected areas of the body, prevent dryness and soothe cracks on the skin. CBD applied to the skin has the ability to actively protect the skin and visibly rejuvenate it. The therapeutic benefits of CBD in cosmetics can be found in the form of skin oils, anti-aging creams, body ointments, balms, lotions and more. More about CBD cosmetics.

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