• Cannabis consumables work differently than smoked cannabis
  • The effect is longer and stronger
  • It is important to keep in mind the dosage and start with caution

Sweets, muffins, muffins, bacon,a tea, pizza, guacamole, vegetable mix ... prescription cannabis and cookery just sit down. For those of the cannabis patients or recreational users who prefer the application through the digestive tract, there is a tremendous range of options, especially because almost every meal can be enriched with cannabis.

If already with cannabis eatenYou have an experience, you have noticed that, compared to smoking or vaporization, this form of application offers a somewhat deeper, sometimes even psychedelic experience, which lasts much longer. But what is it? Dont speculate any longer and read on - describe in the following article the main differences between the effects of cannabis on prescription in food and its smoking.

1. THC is absorbed from food into the body in another way

How is it possible that cannabis consumables are typically more potent than, for example, a few vapor puffszér?

The main difference is the site of absorption of the active substances - if you apply cannabis through the digestive trac. THC it is converted to so-called 11-hydroxy-THC in the liver . The active metabolite is then able to cross the blood-brain easily (blood-brain) barrier, which results in a feel to thepsychoactive effect.

In the case of smoking, however, THC does not cross the stomach and liver - it is absorbed through the lungs into the blood and then straight into the brain. Therefore, the effects of smoking and vaporization of cannabis are also faster onset and shorter overall duration.

2. Effects and effect duration

In the case of cannabis foods, it is good to follow two golden rules: to start with little and to maintain patience. Since in this case THC travels through the bodys metabolism a much longer way, it is possible that the effects will occurafter 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. NavEven if the effect already occurs, it usually takes a few more hours to pass.

Efekof course, they differ according to kanabinoid but the users of these "edibles" report much stronger body effects and up to psychedelicinky to the psyche. Overall, the smaller the dose brings a more pleasant and overall bearable effect, so we repeat again: start with little and wait a long time before the next dose. If tIf you do not follow the rule, you will probably not be harmed. However, prepare yourself for the fact that you may find the effect to be overwhelming.

Zajímavosthat is, when eating cannabis in a meal, the effect is stronger, but the total number of cannabinoids thatThey get into the blood is less than when smoking. In total, about 10-20% of the cannabis eaten into the blood annabinoids while smoking is estimated to be 50-60%. Furthermore, when smoking and vaporizing, the effects of cannabis start 10 minutes after application and begin to recede rapidly after 30-60 minutes.

konopné muffiny cukroví brownies

3. Dosage l of cannabis in food is more complex

To measure THC content in home-made batches such as candy is nothing simple and is known to be officiallycannabis edible producers in countries where cannabis is already legal, sometimes have difficulty in accurately describing the conten cannabinoids their medicinal product. It is often the case that the user "overestimates" and enjoys much more than he can comfortably tolerate because of the longer time before the effect. Smokingon the contrary, the user can step up the dose due to an almost instant effect.

For examplein the state of Colorado, where hemp is already legal for recreational purposes, it is worth a hundred the standard dose is 10 milligrams of THC. 100 milligrams, on the other hand, is considered to be much (much much) stronger coffee and generallysuch a dose should be divided into smaller, continuous doses with sufficient time spacing. Though you do not harm the colossal doses of THC, but believe that you will enjoy the cannabis effect more with a gradual, more careful dosage.

4. Ingestionmedical cannabis prescription - a healthier alternative to smoking

Many people who treat or, in their opinion, benefit from cannabis, are beginning to be interested in this form of application, especially because smoke seems too unpleasant to them or because they are afraid of the consequences and effects of cannabis smoking on the lungs .

In general, a healthier alternative to vaporization is also offered, but it offers cannabis consumablesmuch stronger and at the same time a longer effect, which is particularly useful for patients suffering from, for example chronic pain.

In addition, in the case of cannabis foods, you do not have to confine yourself to sweets such as sweets or muffins - you can enrich a range of foods with cannabis. Make your cannabis butter and drink popcorn, soak some cabbage chips in your butter or make your tea - the choice is yours. Just always remember our humble warning - slow and patient.