• Whether you are a recreational user or a patient who uses therapeutic cannabis on a daily basis, this let's say will definitely cost you something.
  • If you do not live in a country where the cultivation of medical cannabis is permitted, you must buy cannabis on prescription at pharmacies
  • In today's article, we will look at several ways to use your cannabis more effectively and thus save the necessary costs.

The following tips and tricks for using cannabis more effectively and reducing the cost of buying it can come from one of the editors of Leafly's official medical cannabis server.

"Every time I look at the bottom of my favorite cannabis jar and all I see is a few hairs and remnants of stuck resin, I ask myself 'damn, it's all over again!'" Please don't be so A blunt consumer like me - there are a few easy ways to lengthen the gaps between your visits to cannabis outlets and keep the contents of your wallets a little safer. All that is needed is a few adjustments to the daily rituals, ways of use and most importantly a little discipline.

Let's take a look at a few tricks to keep your portions of cannabis and finances pretty green:

1. Shop in bulk and think in advance how much you want to consume each day and how many days you will buy

Personally, I prefer to take purchases in halves, ie 14 grams during one visit to the dispensary. If I was up for it, one purchase would last me for two weeks. Of course, in reality, such packages will last me a maximum of 8 days.

However, the smartest way to divide your supply is to slice the cannabis sticks into individual grams and prepare them nicely in advance for each day. You can use boxes such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on, just as your grandmother does with high pressure pills and who knows what else.

If you really want to save while using cannabis responsibly, then this is exactly what you should do for yourself. Discipline!

2. Do not take cannabis in the morning

Of course, many of us will not allow for the morning encouragement that will stretch us gracefully not only in the morning, but often the rest of today. However, it doesn't matter if you enjoy your cannabis until the evening after a long day, during which you took good care of all your responsibilities.

Instead of snatching at the joints in the morning, keep your snuff box nicely in a drawer and open it proudly until the evening. Then you can thank me and yourself happily.

marijuana consumption

3. Use "single-breasted" or one bunch and enough

Personally, I have always been and will forever remain an advocate of snowshoes, pipes and chilli. I won't tell you what science says today, but for me it is clear to me that a few hits from a well-prepared pipe will get me exactly where twice as many hits from a joint or blunt. A few hundred extra a month for buying a few snubs will save you quite a bit of money for cannabis .

Prepare your cannabis in your favorite tool so that nothing is left out. Inhale expertly and as your lungs allow. Do not overdo it and you will see that this method will offer you the same therapeutic intoxication as more common joints. Consumption is considerably lower with this method.

4. Joints and blunts no, glass bongs and pipes no

A joint or blunt of normal size will cost you at least half a gram of material, and really at least. My joints cost me .75 grams. Then, as a result, I smoke 2-3 a day, well, count it for yourself.

If you want your herbs to last longer, keep joints and blunts for the weekends. Okay, at least for evenings. If you want to use your cannabis effectively, you simply can't fire one quill after another.

5. Do not download

Of course, the right friend always shares and overall you need to take care of your neighbor. However, if there are people around you who have eternally empty pockets every day and always show up just as you are batting your carefully and gently charged bong, then you need to think about it. Medical cannabis is simply expensive and you need to think kindly but also strategically.

Think of your cannabis as a meal, you certainly wouldn't feed a whole bunch of friends a day pizza without contributing at least a few slices, would you? It's all about healthy, mutual respect.

Author: Dante Jordan

Translation: Filip Maral

Source: leafly.com

Images: ytimg.co artistsmilesol