• Medical cannabis is also able to help with problems of socialization and interpersonal contact. Today we look at a few varieties that are ideal for this purpose.

The relationship between anxiety and medical cannabis is not the easiest relationship. Some people or patients may even have one pull out quality varieties literally impregnated with THC cannabinoidcause discomfort, social anxiety and, in extreme cases, paranoia. Others have occasional inhalation of full smoke medicinal cannabinoids provides a sense of relief and reduce stress .

If you are one of those who experience annoying, anxious feelings after applying cannabis, we highly recommend that you review the following list of varieties that thousands of Leafly users consider effective again social phobia and anxiety .If you still do not like these varieties, it is quite possible that the right choice for you will be strains high CBD .

The seeds of all varieties from the following list are available on our menu e-shop.

1. Euforia

Energetic sativa Euforia was originally bred from the original Skunk varieties and no one else than today legendary seed bank Dutch Passion. However, do not be fooled, the well-matured Euforia, despite its genetic origin, is not a typical Skunk-type odor, its aroma is rather sweetish to floral. Most users consider the effect of this variety to be highly energetic and relieve the feeling of restlessness or worry. So it can be useful for social-anxiety disorders.


"I was trying to find a better sativa, really. Unfortunately, I didn't (or fortunately?) found a better sative smoke. Euphoria is exactly what the Swahili phrase 'hakuna matata' expresses - just relax. perfect for the moments of melancholy or disgust for life but the very best is Euphoria for moments spent with friends, I have not seen someone after Euphoria so that he does not smile from ear to ear.

A variety of primordial skunk genes, bred in the 1980s by a seed bank Dutch Passion, by all popular and absolutely simple varietyOrange Budthey are undoubtedly part of the Hall of Fame of all legendary strains. PThe famous "Orangade" is characterized by shiny crystals sticking sticks, decorated with unmistakably orange trichomes.

Orange Bud is a nectarine character. It can be grown very easily both outdoors and indoors.

Anown: "The title says it all - variety rich in taste, appearance, smell and especially effect that will guide you actively through a creative day. Slight, no exaggerated effect is exactly what I imagine when it comes to varieties for everyday use. If you are headed forcoffee, beer, out or in, just wherever you go with friends or do something meaningful, choose a variety as a plant help Orange Bud.

Again, sativa from anyone other than Dutch Passion Gardeners, here we have a genetically South African variety, boldly called Power Plant.

Power Plant not only grows powerfully, but also fires - growers should prepare for a really strong spice reminiscent of spices and forest wood. Also powerful is the effect that is suitable for active leisure. However, smaller doses are recommended to beginners, especially because of the often high THC in this cannabis variety.

Comed-Ian: "Whoa, I call this ACTIVE Smoke. As soon as I have a Power Plant, it immediately drives me to clean my room or go for a bike ride. If you are bored or want to enrich your moments with friends, Power Plant posit might be just what is needed. But certainly not to use before bedtime, thanks to this variety, you can calmly reduce your coffee. "

  • Seeds of the Power Plant variety we have on offer after 3,5 and 10 pieces.
  • You can also choose from a variety Power Flower specifically from a seed bank Royal Queen Seeds

odrůdy pro konopí pro energii

4. Ice Cream

For Change genetically more dominant indika Ice Cream ishybrid varietybred by gardeners from the bank Paradise Seeds which tastes and smells just like ice cream. What ice cream? That depend terpene spectrum individual plants. Thanks to the appearance, rapid growth, aroma and balanced effect of today, Ice Cream is one of the most popular hybrids.

Jawa: "We smoked about one blunt in the woods with a bunch of friends. Ten minutes later we knew we were in the Lord of the Rings. An unforgettable day."

Once again, one of the legends with roots dating back to the 1980s, the Indian Early Girl is a lazier acting, but users also praise the resulting feeling of peace and quiet. Suitable for spicing up watching movies or series with family or friends.

Whitelotus214: "This strain totally throws away the balance of our sitting. All around them suddenly embarked on a hot debate about a constantly changing subject."