• Therapeutic cannabis provides some patients with relief from anxiety and depression
  • Cannabis varieties work differently - some are suitable for treating depression, others for example for better concentration
  • According to the reviews of leafly reviewers, Blackberry Kush, Master Kush, Skywalker, Chemdawg and Blueberry, for example, act as an antidepressant.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 350 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. The symptoms of depression may vary from person to person, and overall depression may manifest itself in different forms and time intervals, from seasonal affective disorders to long-term, severe forms.

A healthy diet, enough exercise and some mental freshness and concentration should be a matter of course in the daily struggle against anxiety . However, if the depression is already in the chronic heights, it is often difficult for the person suffering from it to "unwind" out of this state and find a solution, for example, in psychotherapy or in not yet safe, pharmaceutical antidepressants.

However, if you like the good old natural path, it is obvious to treat cannabis or CBD with oil that is against phobias,depression and anxiety are proven to work CBD against depression"). For more information about how medical cannabis can help against depression, you can doread in article " Deprese".

In todays article we will describe 5 medicinal cannabis varieties ,which are capable of acting as a natural antidepressant and lets see what experience they have with Leafly users.

1. BlueBerry

It is definitely worth mentioning immortal Blueberry. Indica is one of the best favorites among both patients and recreational users. Over a thousand users have already rated this variety on Leafly. As the main effect of this cannabis variety users from they feel relaxed and, through the healing effect, totally reduce depression and anxiety.

Užidescribe it BlueBerryas follows:

NTKush: "Absolutely an excellent killer of anxiety. I barely thought about what awaits me all day long, a cold sweat poured over me and a familiar sense of discomfort crept in. Two or three BlueBerry puffs were like a nail hammer with a nail depressed. on the face, a soothing and at the same time not overwhelming effect, a feeling of being present at the moment and mental balance, I would roughly describe the effect of this variety.

GreepPie: "Excellent varietyboth recreational and therapeutic. Vaporization of good quality BlueBerry looks like 3 drinks with one vicodin on top - all anxiety is there. The only difference is that, after the effects have disappeared, I still feel great (versus alcohol and vicodin). Bluberry is definitely one of the best Indian varieties you can get. I feel like Im writing advertising, but the opposite is true. I just fell in love with BlueBerry. "

BlueBerry Seeds areavailable at us at e-shopin both feminized and autoflowering versions.

léčebné odrůdy konopí

2. Chemdawg

In the second place we build a variety around which there is a lot of "cannabis li"story stories ". The main rumor is about Chemdawg as a legendary parent OG Kush who has completely transformed access to cannabis on the US west coast.

This dominant sativa, smelling of pine and fuel, has a great potential for high THC content and thats why its not recommended for less experienced users. TBut those who are used to the strong cannabis effect are not allowed to do so on Chemdawg.

Riotslug: "I go to five different doctors and take 20 pills a day. Now that I have discovered Chemdawg, my only complaint is that I have not discovered it before. If I had discovered it, I would not have to go to doctors or throw money for overpriced prescription pills." Chemdawg provides mecleans up the therapeutic effect lasting all day longit cuts my head and suppresses all paranoid and anxious feelings. Moreover, it is absolutely delicious - it tastes soft and the aroma is unmistakable. "

3. Black Berry Kush Car

A very interesting choice of variety suitable for the treatment of depression may also be Black Berry Kush. This dominant indica is a mix between the famous landrace of the Afghani variety and the hybrid Blackberry. Black Berry Kush will probably not be interesting for breeders planning a large crop, but for patients and recreational users whothe quality, dark purple flowers with blueberry flavor and kushs fuel aroma will surely be an unforgettable variety.

BannedG33K:"Lésoft variety to and from. It works quickly and efficiently. Immediately after application, I had a delightful feeling of calm with the absence of any paranoia or anxiety. Just imagine a barbecue overlooking the entire forest, listening to music and enjoying Black Berry Kush. It is potent, relaxing and at the same time provoking the mind. I personally belong to the 5 most popular varieties. "

The seeds of this variety can be with usorder in a autoflowering versiontch Passion.

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4. Skywalker

From exoticism we will go to the quality of truly legendary values Skywalker.As the name suggests, Skywalker is the ideal aid for quieting the mind, and most users prefer to use it before going to bed. Skywalker je one of the Dutch Passion seedling horses, and deservedly.

Steveosaur: "After buying a new, high-quality vaporizer, Skywalker was the first model I tested through it. First of all, Id like to mention that I suffer from a number of physical and psychological problems. The whole body for more than 4 hours, but the fact that I felt great after DAYs really surprised me, all the anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and most of all the symptoms of my PTSD.

Skywalker from Dutch Passion is enough for us10 seeds.

5. Master Kush

Finally, lets look at the literal masterpiece, Master Kush.Terpen profile this variety is very kushy and for the connoisseurs and lovers of the original afghani varieties, its hashish aroma will be the right one. For the patients, this dominant indica offers a significantly physically and mentally soothing effect, but according to the response of many it is Master Kush can calm down without excessive mind fogging. So instead of rolling in bed, Master Kush can be used to soothe the mind, which you can then use properly at work.

AND musedrhino: "Fantastic variety. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia for a long time and this variety really works. After the application I felt an inner feeling of happiness and I wasnt worried when the next panic attack would come. Once I fell asleep, I fell asleep. Amazing. , especially I was impressed by the strong pine flavor.

I have seeds of this varietye in stock in both feminized and standard versions after 3,5 and 10 pieces.

*The information and recommendations in this article are purely indicative. The described effects are of a subjective nature and come from reviewers from Leafly. AlwaysPay attention to your own experience and discretion.