• In the following article you will find some tips on how to know and choose the right one medicinal cannabisjust for you if you are already choosing a ready-to-use product.
  • The tips in this article come from the professional staff of the issuing branch medicinal cannabisin the US state of Washington, where cannabis is already legal for health and recreational purposes.

"As a so-called budtender (a combination of the English word" bud ", a cannabis bud, and a bartender" bartender "), I am responsible for helping you choose the cannabis variety based on your current needs and preferences. (without a uniform) that will help you choose a cannabis variety instead of wine to your liking.

As a budtender Im trying to callbite as many products as possible and know the overall offer varieties and brands in mine shop . As a result, I have developed my own cannabis tasting technique, which I use both to determine product quality and to find the right variety.for me personally.

1. Toss with clean head

This advice may be some trivial to some, but it is more important to mention it - to be really familiar with the characteristics of the variety, sobriety and overall mental freshness are needed. Personally, I will implement testing of new products into my daily ritual after returning from work or testing fresh from the morning on my free days.

Testing new ones Products and pure head varieties are the ultimate basis in case you want to explore all the features and effects at least with some precision.

2. Use a clean pipe

The taste is perhaps as important as its effect on hemp the use of clean "tools" is therefore also very important. As an absolute minimumum you should have for example clean water in bongor smoking pipes on extracts. If my tool is clean and the first puff doesnt taste good, I know its the quality of the product and not my pipe.

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3. Observe how the variety acts on lungs

It is well known that medical cannabis can cough most of us with larger puffs. However, if you find that a variety is strictly giving you a pull, you need to pause. Sure, there are still those who believe that "to get rid of, you have to cough" remember that there is a difference between coughing and gagging.

I consider the quality model of medical cannabisone that is BC even larger puffs overall mild in the lungsand Im not developing it for a few minutes in a coughing fit.

4. Try just one hit

Instead of smoking a whole pipe at one time or a whole joint, try just how one, a high-quality hit. I like this way very much, because it helps me to know the strength and durability of a given variety. For a quality variety medicinal cannabisI personally consider one to feel the effect of only one hit more than half an hour.

5. Watch the color of the ash

Flowers of hemp, whose soil was properly rinsed and cleared of all residual salts before harvesting and which was "well-cured" in airtight containers are all free of chlorophyll and moisture,which makes them a much finer and tastier product. Such cannabis can be recognized, among other things, by the remaining ash, which should be white-gray. If the remaining ash is black, hemp has not been properly deprived of residual nutrients.

6. Trustyour intuition

This tip is the last and, in my opinion, the most important one. Each variety will look at each person at least a little differently because each of us has a little different endocannabinoid system . All of these tips will help you choose the best cannabis, but the most important thing is your personal instinct. "