• Smoking cannabis does not fit everyone
  • There are many other methods of application, often healthier and more pleasant

Try to remember your first marijuana smoking experience . The vast majority of you are likely to recall the surprising throat burning, the complete inability to estimate how much smoke to pull in and possibly the subsequent, unexpectedly choking cough … as nostalgic. For you, cannabis veterans are funny memories, but for some beginners it is still a tough reality.

However, not all inhaling smoke suffers, and some of the patients suffering from various lung disorders cannot even take this possibility of consumption into account. The stigmatized image of medical cannabis smoking is for some people the last thing to stop them from trying this herbal remedy, which is surprisingly the case for countries where cannabis is alreadyfor both therapeutic and recreational purposes.

Fortunately, however, there are a number of ways to approach this versatile, effective herb, taking into account your health and personal needs. For those of you who think about cannabis treatment and want to approach it with the most healthful approach possible, we will describe in todays article 6 ways to use cannabis without smoking.

1. Vaporization

To get coveted therapeutic cannabinoids you dont necessarily need to burn herbs. If you decide to vaporize, you can evaporate cannabinoids and inhale cold cannabinoid vapors. In addition, vapor from a high quality vaporizer is usually much tastier than smoke from a burned, herbal material.

If for thisYou can choose the form of application, nowadays you can boldly choose from all kinds of vaporization apparatuses, from table machines to pocket evaporators, with which you can use your herbs anywhere and whenever needed.

2. Cannabis consumables and seasonings

One of the more common alternatives to smoking is the consumption of cannabis using all sorts of foods enriched with medicinal cannabinoids. You can basically put them into any food or liquid that contains butter, fats or any kind of oil. However, there are a few fundamental differences between applying cannabis in a smoked form and applying it through the digestive tract - it is worthwhile to study our previous article "4 differences between smoking and eating cannabis".

If you are aware of these striking differences and want to embark on the application of cannabis snacks, you can test some of our sympathetic recipes:

  • Hemp Almond Milk
  • Hemp coconut oil
  • Technical and medical cannabis tea on prescription

3.Hemp oils and concentrates

Hemp oils are essentially any cannabinoid concentrates that can be administered orally. They are mostly available in capsules or plastic applicators and can be eaten freely with food or drink. With us in our offer are very popular 5% CBD Capsules.

As with cannabis snacks, the rule here is to measure twice, once - the dose of cannabinoids administered orally can have an unexpectedly more powerful effect.

4.Cannabis tinctures, drops

Cannabinoid, therapeutic tinctures They are essentially cannabinoids in liquid form, extracted with alcohol with the possibility of application dripping right under the tongue. Unlike cannabinoid oils, hemp tinctures work immediately and are thus able to provide patients with the necessary relief at the right time. In addition, drops can be used to control the resulting dose much better.

 phoenix drops

5. Cannabis ointments

Surface cannabis can be applied with various types of balms and lotions enriched with medical cannabinoids. This way cannabis can tell ushelp wound healing, relieve pain or reduce inflammation. Onceunique properties of surface-applied cannabis absence of any effects on the psyche , while retaining therapeutic properties. So if you need help with the symptoms of certain illnesses and keep your head clean, cannabis ointments will certainly come in handy.

6. Dabbing

Dubbing is an increasingly popular method applicationmedicinal cannabis. It is an outdoor evaporation of cannabis concentrates, by applying it to a hot water pipe shaft, through which the user inhales the resulting vapor. This method looks a bit drastic to the public eye, but it is true that, in addition to valorisation, it is one of the healthiest ways to administer medical cannabis.

Dubbing is rather recommendedmore recreational users and patients who need to apply vela single dose of cannabinoids at once, as quickly as possible.