• Medicinal cannabis is no longer just a matter of "hippies" and roasters bucks
  • Along with scientific evidence on the healing effects of cannabis, hemp industry and interest in cannabinoid-containing products are also underway
  • Among the most desirable of these are diverse cosmetics containing mainly CBD oils

For the past few years, the cannabis industry has started off as an avalanche and since the states of Colorado and Washington legalizedmarijuanafor recreation as well therapeutic purposes , the market is filled with all kinds of products healing oils of hemp (or at least he claims). Of course, as the modern market is full of promotional moves and fints, it is a good idea to orientate yourself a bit in the whole matter and draw on the most available information sources.

Industry and scEna emerging around hemplong ago, it is not something that causes people to feel offended in people. Spolu The accusing acknowledgment that, according to the studies, it is essentially a healing flower, marijuana becomes something that is actually a trendsetter. Of course, the trend will also be embraced by companies that want new demand forfulfill.

Hemp cosmetics of course one of the most widespread areas of the marketcannabis and its lessential oils literally "vpilo". Along with each passing day, there are new findings on how to do it substances from cannabis they work with the endocannabinoid system of the human body. Hence, cannabinoids such as, for example, can help CBD against diseases and skin diseases? Or is it a mere marketing move and the efforts of cosmetics producers to "panning in the style of cannabis fever"?

Aboutwe will talk in todays article. In addition, we look at a few cosmetic products and their possible uses for both skin maintenance and treatment of skin diseases and diseases such as various types of eczema. Finally, as a small bonus, he canyou are Learn How To Make Home Soap Enriched With Medical Cannabinoids.

"Experts say they are therapeutic substances from medical cannabis able to help the skin. However, it also depends on how you use ointments and creams from cannabis. "

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Hemp cosmetics with CBD oilsfor the skin - how does it work?

Possible uses substances from cannabisthere is a whole lot of human health. In addition, the research confirming these claims is increasing. Of course we must first realize that ordinary "smoking bacon" your skin doesnt seem to help much. Toxic substances from burning smoke can speed up the creation of all kinds of wrinkles. Those of you who worry about the negative side effectsmoking they have, they can go for peace of mind vaporizationeating treats enriched with medicinal cannabis nobo just on meand creams with cannabis.

Countless processes are taking place in the human body during the aging process. One of them is constantly lowerand lower collagen production. With each past year since 20 years, collagen production will decrease by an average of 1%. Collagen fills the skin and gives it a firm, flexible look. The less collagen the skin contains, the more fragile and thinner it will be. Another problem is the gradual drying and lack of oil, the content of which also decreases with age. Then when we add an unhealthy diet and the need for frequent cigarette smoking, we have a recipe for super fast skin aging. Fortunately, we have cannabis help.

"Study of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA from 1998she was CBD (cannabidiol)an even more effective antioxidant than vitamin C and E. In addition, the use of antioxidant properties has been demonstrated by the use of psychoactive THC. "

The effect of CBD (cannabidiol) on the body and skin

Antioxidants are very beneficial for the body. The ability of antioxidants to protect our cellular system against free radicals, which are unstable substances disrupting a healthy cellular ecosystem. Excessive action of free radicals causes, at best, accelerated aging of the skin, and in worse, can lead to the development of cancer.

"Antioxidant properties of substances from konoAccording to previous studies, pi is able to prevent the spread of free radicals in our skin. Thus, of course, there is also protection against radical damage and prevention of cancer development afterskins. "

As far as skin cancer is concerned, we can look directly at the most famous case of cannabis treatment. Hemp Master Rick Simpson and the inventor own hemp oil (phoenix tears),self-cured his own cancer. It should be noted that cannabis was also used internally and together with THC cannabis, but for a large part therapeutic effectsAccording to her words, she owes to the external administration of cannabis in ointment. After only a few days of serving he couldnt believe his eyes - cannabis helped where "traditional" methods failed.

Treatment of dermatologycannabis disease - studies and findings

However, in addition to the unofficial evidence from patients around the world, scientists and researchers seem to be on the side of cannabis ointments and creams. For example 2003 studyfound it "during the application cannabinoids there is a balance in cellular processes, which in turn leads to the death of cancerous cells and the even preservation of healthy cells, ".

Another one hundredThey studied the direct mechanism of action of cannabinoids and their interactions with the cellular system of the human body. During the research, it was found to be externalthe use of cannabis in an ointment or cream interacts with a network of receptors called CB2. During the treatment of cannabis, this group of receptors is activated and consequently has a cascade effect on balancing and maintaining cell balance, homeostasis.

"If you want to goregardingthe endocannabinoid system of the body more in depth, we recommend reading the article Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System "

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How To Treat Eczema With Cannabis Ointment

Eczema can be quite "a pain in the ass" and if it is well settled, it is quite difficult to completely destroy it. Fortunately, thanks to the ever-increasing use of cannabis, we also have more and more experienced dermatologists who recommend cannabis ointments while monitoring the results of their patients. So lets look at how to treat cannabis eczema with 29 US dermatologists.

First, it is good to realize that eczema isgeneric names for a variety of different but similar skin diseases. The most common symptoms of eczema include itching, redness and dry skin. Locally, eczema occurs most frequently in the vicinity of joints, hands and feet, but mcango calmly down to your face and maybe to your eyelids. Eczema occurs in both children and adolescents and adults.

Definitieczema treatment does not exist yet and dermatologists will most often recommend some type of soap or cream for sensitive skin. In worse cases, steroid ointments and preparations will occur. In terms of eczema prevention, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet, not to stress and find it Preparable bath preparations .

Luckily, hes medical cannabiswhose effectiveness for the treatment of eczema is also confirmed by the National Eczema Association.

"Researchers demonstrate the positive properties of cannabis in the case of eczema - reduced tickling, anti-microbial effects as well as anti-inflammatory effects of the application. All of these properties are as done for the treatment of eczema."

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The history of research into the healing effects of cannabis against eczema can be traced back to the founder of the world-renowned scientific journal, JAMA Dermatology. Dr. Henry Granger Piffard, late 1910 (RIP) was a science leaderexpert in dermatology. In his first book, where he discusses various dermatological methods of the time, he writes Indian cannabis pill before bedtime it allowed me to indulge in a peaceful sleep and drive away the unbearable itch with my hand, ".

In addition to the above-mentioned interactions of cannabis substances with the endocannabinoid system of the body, there is also control of the bacteria that cause eczema itself. Colonies of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus are commonly found in humans during examination. In certain cases, however, these groups of bacteria cause the development of unpleasant eczema. However, thanks to the research of the National Eczema Research Association, we know that these bacteria can be subjected to the control of cannabis.

Simply put, cannabis treatment extends far beyond how the people do itoften called homeopathy. We have observers here, the evidence and mechanisms by which medical cannabis substances affect the body and with it the conditions that some of us suffer from.

Hempcream as a better choice instead of an ointment from a pharmacy?

The first advantage over conventional steroid ointment is the possibility to use cannabis preparations at any time and in the same dosage. The most common problem in the treatment of eczema with steroid ointments is the need for larger doses to be applied in case of failure of the initial treatment. The bacterial wall of the skin quickly creates a tolerance against steroid ointments, which in the skinto reduce the effects of the product.

In addition, steroid ointments are at risk of excessively narrowing the skin and thus steroid penetration into the bloodstream. Thus, in the case of large infested areas, steroid substances can reach the bloodstream. This may result in increased blood pressure and even hormonal imbalance. Steroid ointments are still prescribed by doctors again, as if they did not. Thats why its a good idea to learn to take care of your skin with help natural hemp products.

In the case of eczema treatment, it is commonly recommended to stick to it products, which contain only CBD (cannabidiol).Ointments containing plant terpenes can cause additional skin irritation. It is always recommended to thoroughly examine whatactually, you want to heal what you expect from the treatment and what medicine (soap, crème)m)it is better for you to use.

Recipe: Cannabis soap from CBD extract

If you dont want to buy directly hemp soap ,you can make it at home according to the following recipe. Of course, you will need a few ingredients to produce, but there is no problem finding them. It can also be used to enrich natural cannabinoids legal CBD extracts.

Production Time: about 1 hour

Ingredients (needed for about 10-15 soap bars):

  • 450 grams of neutral soap base
  • A bottle of essential oil of your choice
  • Soap paint vial
  • Cannabis Tincture
  • Soap blocks

Production process:

  • Chop the soap base into smaller pieces
  • Put in the oven, it can also be microwave
  • Heat gently and check very often (almost 30 seconds) until the base is completely dissolved
  • Stir the chosen dyes and fragrances into the dissolved base
  • Cool, butStir the liquid base constantlyef = hemp extract
  • Pour carefully into the forming containers
  • Allow to cool and solidify for at least 30-45 minutes
  • Take the finished soap from the blocks and go to the shower!

*All information provided in this article is for information only, in no way factual, character. Always act at your discretion.

Author:Jenny Cook



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