• Uniqueness, natural quality, tradition and high standard of herbal medicine - these are the pillars on which the California seed bank Humboldt SO has been building since the 1960s hippie era

If you are searching for something special, a hemp variety that emerges from the crowd and will amaze your endocannabinoid system ,your friends or patients who have never seen anything like that before, have a look at offers of cannabis models in submission Humboldt SO. This seed bank prides itself on bringing cannabis species that are simply and unique. Variety of Humboldt models also offer a variety of healing effects - medical models of Humboldt seeds have very diverse effects on body and mind.

Company Name Humboldt SO is derived from the place where all their cultivation and breeding efforts erupted - areas of northern California, more precisely the foggy county of Humboldt. Humboldt Countys misty forests are hidden from view. Where the southern, warm Californian breeze collides with a sharp wind blowingFrom Alaska, we can observe the area of sequoia forests contrasting with the stony coast of the North Pacific Ocean.

CivilizaIndians here survived for millennia, especially around one of the last untouched rivers of the Smith River. A life of 680,000 acres is also an area that includes more than 40% of all the sequoia forests on the planet. Nature is healthy and powerful in this area.

"Humboldt is a county, which has become a center for sustainable, organic farms, and also a place where some of the absolute best hemp plants on the planet are produced. "

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Lemon Juice Express Auto

Right from the start, lets look at the tall variety Sativ - Lemon Juice ExpressCar. The Humboldt SO Bank does not rest on its laurels and tries to push the genetics of cannabis further. Lemon Juice is a shining example next-generation autoflowers. It combines hybrid genes from already powerful ancestors Jack Hererand autoflowering plants known Haze .

Lemon Juice is a herbal medicine suitable for patients who do not like too "strong hitters". THC 12% is able to bring to the day or moment the feeling of uncomfortable relaxation, which is always useful when it is necessary to put undue stress under the table. Cannabis-treated patients praise this variety as well as medicine that can be put into daily combat against depression. Terpene Spectrumfull of limonene is a bonus that will surely please all picky herbalists looking for fresh lemon, plant aroma.

Desert Diesel

Again, Desert Diesel is again a cannabis plant with a predominance of Sativa, but this time we can do it herethe strong influence of India from 40%. The Indian influence is also reflected in the structure of the resulting Desert Diesel shrubs, which grow very lush, but ripen faster than Sativa and are rather shrubby than tree-like.

Both patients and recreational users prefer the Desert Diesel effects in a social context where the raised mood and energy-kicked thought processes fit. the effects of this variety are generally more active, thoughtful and can be used for creative work. Athletes praise Desert Diesel because of the ability to enrich the endocannabinoid system while not killing the body enough to take the effort to complete the training.


With Chemdawg, we get to the hybrid varieties that are precisely balanced, bringing the best of both Indica and Sativa. Mysterious and with those who already had the very well written Chemdawg with him, the effect is very cerebral, but in comparison with the above mentioned Lemon Juice Express in effect also combines body has a pleasantly heavy feeling.

Since most patients experience a heavy body feeling only in the second half of the overall effect, it is possible to use the Chemdawg variety for example to increase the appetite before dinner and enjoy the soothing effect of falling asleep.

Highdefnition:"Mother, Myth, Legend. We really renamed it OG Kush and Diesel? Is it really what this mythical plant comes from? It only tells us time and maybe science. Lets be glad its still with us . Genetics hiding in the right Chemdawg plants.Phenotype and plant manifestation is unmistakably something right, mysterious and for those who know it magically intoxicating. "

707 Headband

Headband 707 is a proud variety of Humboldt County Cannabis in Northern California (707 is the Humboldt telephone number prefix). The Trio of Headband Genetic Ancestors is at least epic - a cross between Master Kushem, OG Kushem and Sour Diesel. As a dominant Indica, the user is often described as one of the stronger - contentTHC is very high with well-kept growing conditions.

I pHowever, the higher THC content does not show excessive psychological tensions or discomfort to the patients response. On the contrary, many of them use the Headband 707 just as an aid to release and herbal vitamin against sor anxiety .

Fuzzykazoo:"This is it. The top of the imaginary mountain. As a writer, I cant praise this model. It allows me to get into the chair and run a quality, creative writer. Its also great that if I dont want to write to myself sometimes, Ill pull Headband like Under the influence of this variety, the words and thoughts are literally boggling and how many times I have to do to write everything down quickly.

Content Combination cannabinoids CBDand THC makes it possible to use the best of both worlds - the psychic well-being achieved CBD and creatively think waves using high quality THC. "


Trainwreck sounds frightening, but dont be fooled. Users all over the world praise this model for the first time thanks to the power and rapid onset of action, and secondly, thanks to the Trainwreck speech itself - users often cant stop talking about it. This effect is given by names with a huge THC content of up to 25% and also the somatic genetic features of the plant.

Not only is Trainwreck suited for gossiping moments with friends, many of them are able to cope with the everyday symptoms of a disease like Trainwreck.

Squatchmo: "With the flavor reminiscent of crushed pine cones and the aroma where only a burrow full of skunks can be remembered in your mind, Trainwreck climbs inconspicuously like a thief in the middlethe night before and then you beautifully, with a mallet slamming across your head. I started to feel the effects of Trainwreck as soon as I put my mini joint. The wave of energy and concentration was unmistakably identified as a 'sativa'. Would you like immediate relief from anxiety? Do you want instant burst of energy? You're right here. "

Pineapple Skunk

Pineapple Skunk - Does this name tell you anything? If you think it is probably a hybrid between two legendmePineapple Expressand now complete classic - Skunk , then we agree. A terpene mix combining a breath of tropical fruit and a typically dense skunk is, say, "unbreakable". Pineapple Skunk is recommending cannabis dispensaries treatmentEspecially those who search for a relief fint against insomnia and chronic pain.

Ckjelsmer:"An Ideal Model Against Pain and Insomnia. Even though it is a hybrid genetic, I love the use of Pineapple SkunkE. As far as possible, Pineapple Skunk is postponing until the end of the day, when my pain is quite unbearable. The strong sedative effect helps me to calm down and enjoy the evening. I try to keep dosing to a small extent so that I dont get too much tolerance. With this model, thanks to his consistent potency, I am doing great.

Sour Blueberry

Humboldt SO decided to improve the inexplicable - well-known Blueberry. Not only is the dazzling color and blueberry aroma of the resulting flowers preserved in Sour Blueberry, the Humboldt SO seed bank has also been able to increase its profitability. Surprisingly, the flowers are even denser and heavier than the original genetic line. The Sour Blueberry, the sour-fruity taste of well-dried flowers, is also unforgettable.

SmileHighCity:"When you take the temperature and let it fall during the last 14 days, Sour Blueberry will repay you with the expected blueberry color!"

Sour Diesel 2

Petrol Sour Diesel, a variety that has literally rooted across the user base of cannabis enthusiasts during the 1990s, is the result of truly royal plant genetics - Chemdawga andSuper SkunkLike Trainwreck, Sour Diesel is characterized by the rapid onset of effects that leave the user in a cerebral state of mind.

Medicinal Melodies: "The description of this variety is absolutely accurate. I rely on her almost every day, especially for health reasons. I suffer from chronic pain and I can tell you that it goes hand in hand with stress and mental restlessness .it is simply and simply a better choice than all the pills I have so far faced with doctors. Sour DieseMoreover, l is a typical thinking variety and as such it is able to keep me smiling and mentally attachedall day long. Looking for a painkiller variety that will keep you on your feet? Don't look any further. "

Lemon Thai Kush

Famous for its stimulating effect and citrus flavor, Lemo Thai Kush combines a very interesting mix of native Sativa from Hawaii and Thailand in its plant genetics . The ultimate end of the genetic treasure trove of this high and profitable variety is brought by the genetics of Genuine Kush, California. Most hobby gardeners and commercial cannabis grower in an area where this activity is already legal warns, in particular, of a 200-300% increase in Lemon Thaie height from the moment of switching to the flower phase. Lemon Thai Kushe plants, according to previous experience of growers, require enough space to grow in height.

Frankenlover: "Due to the feedback of my dissatisfied friends, I always avoided this model in the dispensary. But last but not least, they got all the supplies in the shop and left just this Thai, so I said ok, we'd try to do it. buddy, next time listen to what the others are saying, but in the end, you better make your own opinionO; This resin-coated goodness immediately became one of mine 3 most popular varieties for energy effect needed for patients for daily activity. "

Blue Dream (Auto)

Some of our loyal customers have had the opportunity to win the seeds of the Blue Dreame the Best California Marijuana Varieties . OAlthough Blue Dream is, according to its creators, to be cared for really thoroughly and provide a balanced environment, but if the gardeners idle and care, the results are unforgettable. Indeed, the Blue Dream variety has also registered throughout California, where the standard of hemp quality is constantly increasing.

Blue Dream Variety he has long been one of the most sought after models, after which Californian Cannabis customers regularly question.

Master Kush

The Hindu Kush is now a renowned area where the original (landrace) genetics of genuine Indian cannabis models come from. In the case of Master Kush, Humboldt SO's seed bank decided to carefully select the elite clones of the original Hindu Kush versions and combine them until they bred something proudly called Kushem Masters. For recreational users who enjoy the Kush genetics, this hashish-tasting Indian is a must. For the patients, it is certainly a tempting strong medical effect on the body, which acts in one part to relax (like a typical Indian Kushe), but thanks to the unique terpen mix, it is able to pleasantly enrich sensory sensors at lower doses.

StrainBot: "I'd say an ideal for beginners. He's not too weak or too strong. Man is a little sleepy, but at the same time he feels euphoric and lucky. I have to admit that after a pipe, I 'meddled' in the depths of my extremely comfortable couch for a while. However, at a finer dose, I crawl on something creative, especially in music, for me a good model because you can use it from both spectra of effect. "

Em-Dog - Cannabis variety in Cypress Hill style

B-Reals Em-Dog is a variety that is very strong first (withvery high THC content ).As you can imagine, the language of hip-hop super star, which has the opportunity to taste the types of marijuana still new in type and taste, is very picky and certainly will not settle for something below average. Gourmet rapper B-Real is reflected in his model of combining terpene spectrum full of exotic fruits with really strong skunk-diesel flavor. Of course, all this is supported by, say, a very visually stunning volume of resin.

Genetically, this is 30% Sativaand70% of India(and in the words of B-Real himself, 100% killer). The maximum potency now reaches an insurmountable THC of 27%, so beginners should be careful.

Dedoverde Haze - marijuana with genetics of true Sativa

Another variety from Dr. Greenthumbs workshop is Sativa, high and sharp features Dedoverde Haze.terpenes and flavonoidshere you will be delighted by the particularly spicy aroma with a touch of tropical fruit. As B-Real says, or Dr. Greenthumb "is strong and tastes great, I want it from the variety".

THC contenthere it reaches somewhat smaller levels (about 18%) than can be seen with the above-mentioned Em-Dog. However, Dedoverde Haze has a very high yield when gardeners treat it under the right conditions. The main quality here is the Haze genetics, which totally conquered California, and without hesitation, cannabis enthusiasts put it side by side with the true Kush.

  • Seeds of varieties Dedoverde Haze is available in our offer of 3 or 5 pieces of Humboldt SO feminized and
    autoflowering version

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