Species: hybrid

Bubble Gum belongs to the group of hybrid cannabis species. It is usually dominated by indi cacomponent (about 60% indica, 40% sativa). For the first time this model was bred in the 1990s, and in 1994 it was awarded the first place at the Cannabis Cup. On average, it contains about 15.5% THC. Bubble Gum is fairly low yearly druhem on cultivation. It has a sweet aroma with a hint of flowers and berry fruits, which is also the name of the model, "gum".

Effects and vBubble Gum

Since Bubble Gum is the predominant indica species, it is often sought out by the user for his cleansingujúce vlsatisfaction. It has the ability to suppress stress and after ingestion comes relaxation, good mood, euphoria. Bubble Gum helps in the treatment of depression and various bolesstech. Some users can use it as a suitable model for insomnia problems. It also promotes appetite and soothes the irritated stomach.

Negative properties

Dry mouth , aridity of eyes. Some users may experience dizziness or paranoia.