• Brainstorm, a tumultuous variety of healing cannabis, has literally been written to recreational users and patients recently, as when a thunder hits a tree
  • The Brainstorm Genetics goes back to 1996
  • The Brainstorm model was originally created thanks to a group of Dutch Passion seed bank breeders

Before embarking on a thorough exploration of this variety, which has recently enjoyed increasing interest from users, patients and growers, it is no harm to imagine its creators - one of the most famous and exaggerated also the best quality seed banks of today -Dutch Passion.

Its hard to believe that Dutch Passion seed bank is one of the market leaders seeds and marijuana modelsfor over 25 years. The popularity and quality of seeds from this piece has never worsened since its inception, and vice versa, thanks to its constantly improvingt growers techniquesthe company keeps its cannabis limelight. One of the most important factors explaining the continuing success of Dutch Passion is the simple fact that it is a seed bank that provides a huge number of medicinal cannabis, for treatment and recreation.

We can find seeds of each type in Dutch Passion Seeds:

  • Feminized cannabis seeds
  • Regular cannabis seeds
  • Cannabis for medical purposes
  • Indoor Hemp Models
  • Outdoor cannabis models
  • Autoflowering cannabis models

If you are interested in other models than Brainstorm highlighted here, it is a good idea to look at specialties that really enjoy the long-term interest of customers around the world. As always, there are different varieties Indian,hybrids.

The most popular varieties of Dutch Passion can be:

  • Blueberry
  • Think Different
  • Freddy's Best
  • Dark Delight
  • Nigh Queen

Brainstorm - cannabis variety for true brainstoresng

The original, original variation of the Brainstorm model was created by genetics the legendary Skunk , Oasis aOriginal Haze .But the break-up moment for Brainstorm came only in 1998, when Henk van Dalen, a cannabis breeder, decided it was time to fundamentally improve Brainstorm and "rise to the stars". He removed Skunk with Oasis from the genetic mix and replaced them with only one, but in his opinion much a better model of pure India - Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Variety - The Predecessor of Brainstorm

Experts of cannabis history know that Northern Lights varietystands proudly beside Skunk as the most well-known and long-term favorite model of the Netherlands (partly imported from abroad) Northern Lights Alone came to be born around Seattle, USA. The clever idea of the then gardeners was to combine the already very popular Afghani varieties with an unknown type of pure Sativa. Subsequently, after being imported into the Netherlands, she became a typical driver of the Dutch Passion coffe shop.

"Northern Lights has gained popularity across the user and growers' cannabis community. And no wonder Northern Lights combine qualities such as fast finish, high potency, compact growth and high yield.

But everything has its own hook, and otherwise it is not even with the almost perfect, plant specimen that the Northern Lights is. The only complaint of those who have had the honor of having Northern Lights is the lack of a dense smell and aroma. But here comes the combination with another plant celebrity - Haze…

Haze - the second half of Brainstore

Compared to Northern Light, it is clear to the users that they are here to smell the well-cultivated Haze model therapeutic terpenes there will be no shortage. The legendary grower, nicknamed Sam the Skunkman, produced the first Haze during the early 1970s. The original Haze is a complex polyhybrid created from a very interesting genetic mix. You can watch traces in Haze genotyp landrace of varieties originating in Mexico, Thailand and also South India. Haze is a true globetrotter in terms of hemp models.

HelpAt the time, the secret technicians, Sam the Skunkman, worked his way through the exquisite selection of these exotic varieties, to the point that stands still today - the Haze model .

"By combining the stability gained from the genetic ancestor of the Northern Lights combined with the unique terpene spectrum that we can find in Haze, of course, something special arises. No wonder Brainstorm is getting more and more interested."

Braistorm - Experience and opinions on cannabis variety

As the experience of users in Brainstorm so far makes them feel the sativa fingerprint they precedeHaze, ratings are usually full of impressions such as - increase creativity, euphoria, feelings of happiness and uplift. Naturally, patients, along with these effects, also praise the anti-stress effectpainanddepressionThere are also rare reports of those suffering from cancer who are on a regular basis chemotherapy.In these cases, Brainstorm can be used to alleviate nausea and loss of appetite, according to alleged experience. In case of chronic fatigue caused for example fibromyalgia it is also possible to deploy Brainstorm.

Finally, you can see some experiences with the Brainstorm variety. The review comes from gourmets of the official Leafly hemp server:

FckWeasel148: "The very aromatic mallet I picked up at the dispenser impressed me with both the smell and the consistency. The sticky, light orange hairs and high hardness gave me a hard time before I cut and wrapped the mallet. it certainly feels a strong sense of euphoria, followed by a slight chill and relaxation.before he was in my habit. But I would definitely try again. For me 8/10. "

RBMarshall: "Very decent sativa. Super for boosting creativity, ideal for artists like me. Plus a noticeable increase in attention and overall focus. If you are a Wake & Bake fan, I highly recommend. the connection with quality coffee is literally a plant ally for the right start to the day. "

SinnerD: "I have grown this splendor from the seed. I have to say that I have not yet done something like this. I have been cultivating only for the second year, but still. I appreciate the combination of the strong physical effect associated with kicking the mind and focus. Even if the condition does not last all day, you can look forward to at least 2 hours of good mood, but the most special feature is the aroma, so strangely spicy, but at the same time I have not felt the meadowsweet aroma.

Even though Brainstorm will be more fond of sativa fans, I have to recommend this model at least once, both to patients and to ordinary 'smokers'. "

* All information provided in this article is for information only, in no way factual, character. Always act at your discretion.