Cancer or cancer can occur in every individual. Whats more, todays hurried and stressful life helps. It can occur at any age. To create it contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. This oneIn the Czech Republic, about 27,000 people die of emotion every year

Cancer can be divided into two types. The first are carcinomas, which is a tumor formed on the outer or inner surface of the body and the other is sarkomy, tumors arising in cells inside the body. Already at this stage, we can see that the issue of cancer is not easy at all, and so is its treatment.

Rakovinné buňky které již značně oslabily lidský organismus

Recently, a substance that should assist in its treatment is often discussed. The first to conduct a clinical trial of THC antitumor effects on humans was Manuel Guzman with his team. THC was administered to patients who no longer responded to traditional treatment. He managed to reduce it cancer growthh cells .

Another study conducted at Harvard reports that THC is involved in stopping lung cancer. The difference in how classic chemotherapy treatment differs from THC is that it is chemotherapy or all cells. While THC kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Side effects in cancer treatment

Cancer treatment itself provokes side effects. These include for example anorexia, cachexia, vomiting, severe pain or sleep problems. Anorexia, which arises as a result of appetite and is often accompanied by cachexia (disproportionate weight loss, muscle and fat) can be avoided by administering THCit helps to increase appetite.

Anti-cancer drugs irritate the gastric mucosa causing nausea and vomiting. Again, cannabis plays a positive role. He has anti-emetic or protinefreedom vand thus becomes useful in treating cancer patients. It can be administered in different ways, so it is also suitable for patients who cannot eat. 

 hair loss due to chemotherapy

Among other plus cannabis ranks the ability to release tense muscles thereby relieving pain. Use in sleep disorders is also possible because cannabis has sedative effects . It is also pointed out that the components contained in cannabis have the ability to stop cancer.

Treatment of brain tumors

The most aggressive and most common type of brain tumor in humans is Glioblastoma multiforme. Life expectancy with this type is estimated at half a year to a year .

bujení nádorových buněk v mozku

Current treatment with surgical removal and radiotherapy isineffective. Therefore, cannabionides that can play an important role protects astrocytes (cells belonging to the group of neuroglia). The goal of cannabinoids is cancer cells in the brain. By stimulating cannabinoids, tumor growth is suppressed and significantly affected G cell viabilitylioblastoma multiforme. Glial cell experiments have shown that cell death is induced by incubation with cannabinoids. Healthy wet cells remain intact.

Currently, strategies focus on optimizing the anti-cancer efficacy of cannabinoids. Before administering the substance to the patient, it is preceded by long research . It is officially used only to treat severely ill or dying people in just a few countries.

But it is important to realize that this plant is not omnipotent and what helps one person may not help another. Other criteria such as the patients age, gender, health status, disease stage, variety used, ...) are also associated with this. So someone will improve their health slightly or more and help someone to recover from the illness.

However, current legislation in the Czech Republic does not allow marijuana cultivation for self-healing purposes.

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