• About Schizophrenia Caused medicinal cannabiswe have heard many, especially from the prohibitionists.
  • However, new research totally denies any causal relationship between the development of schizophrenia and cannabis use, whilst illuminating the situation.
  • According to todays studies, schizophrenia, on the contrary, seems to lead to cannabis use - the opposite of what prohibitionists have been waving.

A research that seeks to shed light on the issue is a study by the University of Bristol that uses well-mapped, observable data on associations between cannabis use and schizophrenia. In this study, researchers mention, among other things, that the link between cannabis and schizophrenia is still very little understood and proves that at the birth of The illness is just cannabishas proved to be very problematic.

How does Schizophrenia manifest?

Schizophrenia as such it is a lifelong, mental illness that, among other things  is causes the breakdown of the subjective relationship between emotions, thoughts and behavior. This state of affairs further leads to faulty perception, improper acts and feelings, alienation from reality and interpersonal relationships so far, and ultimately to complete mental fragmentation, hallucinations, and so-called "fantasy" life.

Despite the fact thatno really effective drug has yet been invented for this mental illness, it is possible to intervene in a certain therapeutic way. Dr. Suzi Gage one of the major scientists working on the aforementioned studies of Bristol School of Experimental Psychologys explains that use cannabis does not lead to schizophrenia, but cannabis schizophrenia does:

"Our results have been achieved using state-of-the-art methods to unravel the mysterious ball of association between schizophrenia and cannabis use. For now, we have strong evidence that patients suffering from they start using cannabis for this mental illnessíafter its outbreak.This fact, however, does not disprove the possibility of causal risks associated with the use of cannabis in schizophrenics, "Dr. Gage explains  heavy userscannabis, which is also more prerequisite for developing schizophrenia. "

Schizophrenia and Cannabis Research - "We Need More Data"

However, a significant lack of research is the still unsatisfactory database on subjects that only touches on whet medical cannabis have ever enjoyed or enjoyed life. A more thorough database of subjects with information on how often and what doses they have used or continues to use would allow the subsequent study to provide much more accurate conclusions.

"Whatwe really need is a database of genetic variabilities that assume a heavy or light form of cannabis use. So far, it seems to be the only formula which could theoretically increase the chances of developing schizophrenia is a severe, chronic use of cannabis. "He explains further Gage. "Once the genetic assumptions of chronic use have been identified, we can confidently determine its association with the development of schizophrenia."

Pro-konOpposition lawyers have been protesting against evidence of causing schizophrenia by cannabis for quite a long time. One of them is Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of the US National Organization, who is fighting to reform the laws on cannabis.

"Data herewe see, clearly show that in the case of cannabis legislation it is necessary to move to normal, meaningful and mainly humane laws, "Armentano explains." The current proven risks of cannabis use only logically lead us to regulation, but by no means criminalization. The main purpose of regulation is to reduce cannabis supply to the at-risk population, to avoid excessive penalties and to improve overall awareness and education around cannabis. "

Cannabis consumption is increasing, the number of cases of schizophrenia remains the same

"More of the separate studies largely reject the causal relationship between cannabis use and schizophrenia, especially since the volume of cannabis consumption has increased dramatically in recent years, while schizophrenia remains static. "

The latest research on Armentano is as follows:

"The only thing the latest research shows us with some precision is the fact that individuals more prone to developing schizophrenia are also more prone to early cannabis use . So we have no evidence of cannabis as a trigger for schizophrenia. use of cannabis at an early age, which is more likely among individuals with weakness for psychosis. "