• Finally, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will remove CBD from hemp banned from professional sportsmen
  • Legalization of CBD for professional athletes should start in 2018

Finally a step in the right direction. If you are watching sports, you have certainly noticed that CBD and its use among professional athletes have been quite a hot topic lately. By far the biggest fray and interest in the subject has been the legendary UFC wrestler Nate Diaz. After his bloody fight with even better-known Conor McGregor, Nate didn't shy away and brought a vaporizer full of CBD extract to the post-match conference .

"This? CBD oil … it helps in regeneration, and so on," he says Diaz said with calm astonished journalists.

WADA, doping a CBD

WADA is a global company that controls athletes for doping during the Olympics and thus also sets rules for other sports organizations such as UFC and others.

WADA moMentally, he still considers CBD and other cannabis metabolites to be inaccessible, and athletes may be discarded to detect cannabinoid debris in the blood. However, from next year the situation will change: metabolites  CBDwill be allowed for athletes. THCand other metabolites medicinal cannabishowever, they continue to be banned and considered illegal doping in the body.

WADA updates the Prohibited List every year, constantly striving to keep up with the new developments in the pharmaceutical sector so that any new loops can be prevented in a timely manner.to allow doping without consequences.

"During the 9-month review of the Prohibited List, our experts will focus on all new research in medicine and science. This allows us to keep pace and prevent new, more refined doping patterns."

Nate Diaz can rejoice in 2018 and vaporize his favorite CBD even just before the game. However, his brother Nick, who is currently suspended for detection of both CBD and THC metabolites, will have to wait to improve the situation. As it seems, the full permission of cannabis healing is not yet fully liked by anti-doping companies.

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