Species: hybrid

Cheese falls into the category of hybrid cannabis species. Mostly with prevailing indicacomponent (sativa / indica ratio may vary with plant variation in the plant). This species contains on average about 14.5% THC.

Cheese was first bred in the UK in the 1980s and comes from the Skunk no. 1. He has striking hair years the aroma, which is strongly reminiscent of cheddar, is called Cheese.

effects and properties of Cheese

Cheese is most often searched for by its users soothing effects (depending on the sativa / indica ratio).

It can relieve stress, tension, and positively treat depression. Cheese is suitable, for example, for problems with various pains orinsomnia.It causes feelings of happiness and euphoria and is ideal for evening use for good relaxation and uvolnění.For some users, Cheese can help with headaches or food intake problems.

Negative properties

Dry mouth , aridity of eyes. Sometimes it can cause paranoia or dizziness.