Species : Cannabis indica

Critical Mass belongs to cannabis species with predominant indica component (about 80% indica, 20% sativa).

It is a model that was created by crossing Afghani and Skunk no. 1. Its name ("critical mass" could be used in the example) has acquired this species due to its very dense, firm and heavy flowers , under which the plant twigs can break. Critical Mass is quite susceptible to mold, so less humid, indoor environments are recommended for growing. It contains on average a relatively high amount of THC, typically about 19%. Critical Mass has a sweet aroma with undertones of clay and citrus.

Effects and properties of Critical Mass

Most often, Critical Mass is used by users to comfort, relieve pain and insomnia . It has intense soothing effects, so it is more suitable for evening use, when relaxation or relief from stress and tension occurs. Critical Mass also helps with nausea or eating problems. Some users have a very good migraine effect.

Negative properties

Desolation . In some cases, dizziness, paranoia or restlessness.