Species: hybrid

Frisian Dew is a hybrid cannabis (50% sativa, 50% indica). This model was created by crossing Super Skunk and Purple Star. Frisian Dew is resistant it is therefore suitable for growing in the species, which is less susceptible to moldadverse conditions and climatech. It has deep green or dark purple flowers. The aroma is sweet with a touch of wood, pine and citrus.

Effectya properties of Frisian Dew

Although it is a hybrid model, the effects of Frisian Dew tend to be pstimulating.It brings feelings of uplift, joy, enthusiasm, creativity and energy. That is why it is often searched by users who need uv from stressand voltage. Frisian Dew is also a good model for depression and can help with pain due to the indica component. It promotes appetite, so it can be useful for users with eating disorders.

frisian dew

Negative effects

Dizziness, restlessness may occur. Aridity mouth and eyes. In some cases paranoia.