It is the main plant breeding the aim of improving properties or creating new varieties.The basis is a selection of different varieties, which are inherently adapted to climatic conditions, are resistant to negative biotic and abiotic effects and meet the requirements of the users.

The bred varieties have higher yields and quality, are more resistant to diseases and pests. The breeding process has two basic processes.e-height: 1.5em;novošlechtění where the main task is to create new varieties. The second process ismaintenance breeding where it can be deduced from its name that it is mainly about keeping the varieties, their level of characterization and further reproduction.

Vyšlechtěná odrůda

It is time consuming to breed a new variety . There is a need for perseverance, patience and expert theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. What has been achieved by cannabis breeders today is the creation of many plant species, THC content as needed, plantssuitable for outdoor (indoor) or indoor (greenhouse), feminized and autoflowering seeds, increased resistance to adverse conditions, etc.

Feminized seeds

These are the seeds from which only female plants grow. This has been the dream of many growers since long ago. Several attempts were made in the 1960s and 1970s, but they were unsuccessful. It was not until the 1990s that Dutch Passion and its founder Henk van Dalen came with the first real success in feminization. Henk, who studied biology at the University of Amsterdam between 1970 and 1976, took advantage of his knowledge and began to explore the development of cannabis plants.

He found that themeon all female plants that are allowed to grow long enough will begintowards the end of their lives to form well male flowers .Pollen is produced from these flowers, and therefore the seeds that are obtained using this pollen should logically grow female plants . And that was the first successful step in this area. There have been several other researches that have contributed to fine-tuning and improving results. Today, it is now possible to obtain plentiful amounts of pollen, the process of feminization itself is reliable, and thus the production of feminized seeds has increased andmarket demand is sufficiently covered.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering Seed Plants ripen in just a few weeks this is about a much shorter time than the classical multi-month cultivation method. It also allows us several harvests per year, which many growers welcome. Other benefits of these plants include low height, thankswhich are less conspicuous and characterized by weaknesses fragrance . The only minus is less revenue. Plants bloom depending on age whereas normal feminized plants depend on the length of light and darkness.

In the 1980s, sativas, indica and their hybrids were bred. The term sativa means a plant that grows to a height of up to 3m, indica grows more to the width and forms smaller shrubs growing to a height of 1-1.5m.

sativa grows high, indica forms shrubs and ruderalis is a low plant

Rtines are grown indoor or outdoor. Outdoor growers were dependent on climatic conditions. When the weather was bad, there was no chance for the plants to mature. Therefore, it was necessary to create such plants where the vegetation period would be shortened and the flow to the flower would not depend on nand the length of day and night.

So we started experimenting with another kind of cannabis cannabis ruderalis, which is the opposite of sativa and indic. Cannabis Ruderalis comes from Siberia, Mongolia and the Far East. The growing time of this cannabis is approximately 50 daysí,it is not affected by the length of day and night , but only over time. The maximum achievable height is 80cm and the THC content is negligible.

The trick to getting a autoflowering plant is not in any chemistry and the like, butin crossing cannabis sativa with cannabis ru deralis or cannabis indica with cannabis ruderalis. The first models to be marketed were Ruderalis indica a Ruderalis skunk. Unfortunately, their genetics have never been brought to a successful end.

In 2002 comes Joint Doctor (a traveler, a globetrotter, a cannabis lover) to the Lowryder model, which has no intriguing effect, smell or taste. In the next few years, Doctor devotes himself to improving it and other breeders are emerging, and today the well-known automatic AK-47 and others are on the market.

Healing marijuana

Marijuana is a plant of many possibilities. It is not only used for "recreation", but also has therapeutic effects. Helpingin the fight against leukemia, relieves the symptoms of developed HIV, improves cardiac arrhythmia. Extracts are used for psoriasis, asthma, migraine, burns, infections, ... etc.

To develop medicinal marijuana, it is necessary to breed such cannabis strains that they have with the same ratio of THC and CBD. Cannabinoid CBD has a strong therapeutic potential. The amount of THC and CBD ranges from 5-6%.

pěstování léčivého konopí

By focusing directly on cannabis breeding, we can mention the first quality Skunk marijuana # 1. This variety consisted of three varieties from Columbian Gold, Acapulco Gold, Afgani. It was characterized by good yield, taste and aroma. More varieties are emerging, most of them from Afghanistan (indica), Central America (sativa haze).

The focus is primarily on seed banks. The most famous is Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Nirvana Seedsand more. Of the best known bred varieties White Widow, BlueBerry, AK-47, Jack Herrer, Northern Lights, Durban Poison, ...