Species: Cannabis indica

G13 (G 13, G-13) is a species indica hemp. He was bred at 70./80. of the 20th century.

Originally it was purely indica species, but the sativa component was reflected in genetics by gradual breeding, so the 70% indi ratio is now commonly reported for G13ca, 30% sativa.

G13 contains an average of about 16% THC (peak values up to 27%). This model has a sweet aroma with a hint of earlier eva and clay.

Effects and properties of G13

Like other indica species, G13 has soothing properties that are desirable in treatmentpain,muscle spasms and insomnia.

It brings relaxing effects, so G13 is suitable for black uliving, causing relaxation and having a positive effect Tension or anxiety. It can also be used to treat depression or food intake problems.

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Negative effects

Aridity mouth and eyes. Paranoia or dizziness may appear.