• There are some differences between applying cannabis in the form of a flower and concentrates, which are definitely worth knowing

If we want ourselves or someone in our care to treat medical cannabis it is always necessary to start with some trial and error. In addition to edible cannabinoid-enriched foods, the other two primary options - classic dried hemp flower orcannabinoid concentrates.

Flowers of medicinal cannabis - for and against

High quality cannabis flowers are extremely rich in their drug content. More specifically, these natural cannabinoids are found in the glands of the resin, that is, the trichomes by which the flowers and smaller leaves of cannabis are covered. The largest content of these substances can be found on the fruit female cannabis plants. The best known and perhaps the most effective of them is psychoactive THC andnon-psychoactive CBD .

In addition to cannabinoids, however, cannabis plants produce some 400 other chemical compounds that are the subject of todays research to understand their interaction, resulting in an overall therapeutic effect cannabis the human body.

květy léčebného konopí

The most interesting are for now therapeutic terpenes - aromatic molecules that, according to scientists, contribute significantly to the overall effect of cannabis cannabis. For example, lavender-scented terpene linalool acts in combination with THC as a muscle relaxant. (More in the article "Terpenes, or what is behind the smell of cannabis")

In the manufacture of concentrates, these substances are separated and extracted with various solvents and methods. (More in the article The future of cannabis in terpene extraction " )

For the choice of cannabis treatment, the majority of patients decide mainly because of the presence not only medicinal cannabinoids but also terpenes and other substances that disappear during some extraction methods.

LAt the same time, flowering is more difficult for those who need to apply a larger volume of active substances over a short period of time, which is often problematic in this case. Consequently, concentrates are more suitable for those suffering from cancer or neurological disorders.

Those who suffer from anxiety or dhowever, epresis praise the low doses of cannabis flower. In general, when it comes to cannabis treatment, methods are highly individual. Now get a shrlets all pros and cons treatment with cannabis:


  • Complete content of herbal substances - cannabinoids, terpenes and others, in one package
  • Suitable for people requiring less intensive therapy
  • Cheaper and more affordable
  • Simple to own production
  • It has an aromatherapy value of
  • It can also be used fresh in smoothies or juicers


    • Milder dose (for some benefit)
      • It is not enough for those who need intensive therapy
      • It requires food preparation or vaporizer for the healthiest application
      • Increases the risk of mold exposure

Hemp concentrates - for and against

Cannabinoid concentrates are made by processing cannabis flowers. The biggest problem with concentrates is finding a quality product that is both affordable and affordable. The prices of the highest quality concentrates are still too high for many patients today.

The most advantageous choose is often hemp olejcontaining a full spectrum of cannabinoids. An extract of this type is able to help especially patients suffering from, for example, Parkinson canceror epilepsy.

"Cannabis extracts are called" concentrates "because they are inflated extracts of essential oilsplants."

koncentrát výtažek konopí

However, even concentrates have their drawbacks. For example, in countries where there is no need for sufficiently careful control of pesticides, cannabis extracts may contain more harmful chemicals than classical cannabis. As a result, these environmental toxins can endanger the health of patients with weakened immune systems. So when buying extracts, you need to use a trusted company to make sure that the product is laboratory tested.

Next, you need to know what type of concentrateu choose. Although most extracts can provide patients with at least some relief, the best choice is often the one in which the manufacturers used the complete plant, both flowers and leaves. Complete extracts of this type contain therapeutic cannabis and aromatherapy terpenes, which enriches the desired healing effect.

Finally, let us summarize all the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis extract treatment:


      • Higher dose in less time
      • Potent medicine suitable for intensive type therapies
      • No expensive kit for vaporization is needed
      • It provides very strong and fast relief
      • It is considered the purest type of cannabis smoking
        • Simply add to hot drinks or meals
          • Some concentrates can be dripped directly under the tongue (for example Phoenix Drops )


          • Occasional problems with pesticide pollution
          • The difference between the efficiency of different types of concentrates
          • Some extraction methods can cause the loss of valuable substances, such as terpenes
          • Higher price
          • Complex extraction of "homemade", which in some cases is dangerous
          • If the extraction method is unprofessional, there is a risk of residual solvent and harmful chemicals