• Cannabis hangover can cause headaches, mental mist, nausea and red eyes
  • Some of the users still refuse this phenomenon, others admit that they have experienced the symptoms
  • The occurrence of a hangover in the case of medical cannabis occurs only when too large doses are applied

However, for some well-known fact, for another still very doubtful mystery - "cannabis hangover" is an increasingly mentioned phenomenon and can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms, from headaches to mental fog.

If we want phenomenon hemp hangover to understand better, we need to look at a limited number of studies done on this subject and also the experience of the users themselves. At the same time, we will try to dispel some of the often misconceptions that still exist among users.

Research "Hemp hangover "

Of course, quite a few studies have not yet been developed on this subject, especially as a result of many years of prohibition. However, some data is available and will serve at least as an information springboard, which we can link to unofficial experiences and experiences of hemp users themselves and their subjective view of "hemp hangover".

The most famous study on this subjectand isresearch published in 1985. In this experiment, researchers used only a small number of test subjects, totaling only 13participants. Allsubjects (it is worth noting that these were exclusively men) either a placebo or 2.9% cannabis joint was given THC.

After application, they were given a series of behavioral tasks, such as sorting cards, remembering a previous event, or testing time perception. The next day, the tests went on again, after all the test subjects slept well. The researchers then recorded a residual effect only in those who received true cannabis and noted that "the results suggest that the marijuana can cause residual effects similar to a hangover that occur the following day. The exact nature and extent of these residual effects and their practical implications remains uncertain. "

Other  studydates back to 1998, again using only a small number of subjects, this time 10 men. The result of the study was that "residual the effect of applying one cigarette containing cannabis is minimal "The results of this study are considered to be sufficiently significant, still therehowever, there is room for doubt, especially because of the small number of people examined and the effect of only one joint.

User admissionse cannabis

Most of the unofficial data confirming the existence of a cannabis hangover come from users who have a habit of consuming much more cannabis than just one joint. This is especially the case those who not only cannabis or vaporize cannabis, but also use very potent cannabis food atiny(edibly). While some of the available data support these unofficial claims, researchers are still not entirely confident and encouraging further, more in-depth research.

Whatcannabis or hemp products cause hangover?

Most of the data tells us that cannabis hangover is caused as with most other substances excessive use .However, since medicinal cannabis is so unique and flexible herb that affects everyone else , it mustfactors such as tolerance, content  THC, the health of the individual and the like. What is little for one can be more than enough for another. 

As already mentioned, the most common cause is the excessive consumption of cannabis concentrates or edibles. Phenomenon Cannabis hangover is less common for cannabis-only users.

"However, whatever the method of consumption, if there is a hangover, it may be enough to reduce the dose and find a more balanced state with no protracted, negative effects."

Does cannabis cause dehydration?

Many sources claim that medicinal cannabis directly causes dehydration, which can cause hangover-like symptoms. Some of these resources go so well >farthat cannabis is rated as more dry than alcohol. However, this "well-known fact" is not supported by absolutely no scientific research.

As a result, it is only in the case of cannabis mouth drying effect considered dehydrated. In reality, however, it is not dehydration, but only a lack of saliva in the mouth.

Why it causes cannabis dry mouth? Studies show that THC molecules also bind to the glands responsible for the production of saliva (submandibular glands). If binding occurs temporarily with salivation and subsequent discomfort.

However, thorough hydratesis very important in the application of and without cannabis. Many people nowadays forget about the right drinking regimewhich can lead to a whole range of health problems, from which (if you do not follow the drinking regime) you will probably not be withdrawn by medical cannabis.

While hempit does not cause dehydration, neglect of intense fluid intake can certainly cause hangover-like symptoms.

Signs of hangover caused by cannabis

The vast majority of reported symptoms Cannabis hangovers include headaches, concentration problems, nausea or dry eyes.

1. Nesocentering and mental fog

If you ever get woken up with a feeling of drowsiness, restlessness, and total intoxication, you have encountered an old, familiar mental mist. This symptom can make the graceful start to day quite complicated. Mental Mist is nothing pleasant, but there are a few ways to take it out and light it up again:

  • For you are moving. Hlthe monitor does not help you much from the wound. Try starting with a short walk or trot instead.
  • Have a cold shower. A cold or even ice shower has proven to refresh your senses. cold water shock will kick your cardiovascular system and force you to take a deep breath, resulting in higher alertness.
  • Adjust your diet. Make sure you eat good food and get hydrated enough.
  • Try a stimulant. Those who need a little more intense kick can try caffeine or guarana.

These methods are not an assured killer of mental mist, you start licking at the start of the daythey might help out at least somehow.

2. How to headache

Headache is another of the most frequently mentioned symptoms of cannabis hangover. Dehydration, as we have already mentioned, is perhaps the most common cause. So if you can consume large doses of medical cannabis, remember to have a proper supply of water.

Nihowever, if you wake up to hemlock, it is best to follow the classic treatment methods:

  • Cold tiles
  • Massage of sleep
  • Drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and the like (make sure you follow the dosing guidelines)

3. Treatment of nausea

Although the feeling of nausea is not as common as headaches or mental fog, it is still present in some users. If you are one of them, try to get off the wound slower - hydrate enough and consume only light meals. If the problem persists, check with your doctor.

4. Helpfor dry, reddened eyes

The therapeutic cannabis causes dilatation of the eye capillaries, which is already manifested by the symbolic redness of the eyes. For most users this effect fades quickly, but if you wake up and your eyes are still red, try some soft, moisturizing drops.

Hemp hangover and it is still a controversial issue for many, until there is a lot ofof data confirming or refuting this phenomenon, it is recommended to look at proper dosage. Proverb "nothing is to overdo "eyesalso applies to medical cannabis.