Would you like "conomed"?

A 40-year-old French beekeeper named Nicolas trained his bees to collect hemp honey . But he tried it for years. He started in 2006, but only seven years later he made the first hemp honey.

His success, however, brought him not only a decent fan base. France, where he lives, is still quite stubborn for healing cannabis and it would be better for him to move to more agreeable countries than Spain.

Beekeeper himself, started kohe can use it in his youth, because he was hyperactivity and he was regarded by the doctor as unmanageable.

Včely sbírají med z modelu California Orange

Beekeeper called his honey literally " Konomed".

Effect as a joint

Honey contains both THC so CBD. It has the same effects as direct consumption, for example in pastry, milk.

atbut the dumbbells change slightly the ezymy that the bees produce. Hemp honey has better effects against bacteria microbes and fungi .

Compared to traditional honey, hemp honey has a light hemp aroma and taste. The color varies from batch to batch, usually dark yellow to greenish.

Honeycomb with hemp honey

Bees store honey in the honeycomb.

Picky bees

Its not easy to teach bees to fly cannabis. It didnt work with all the genetics. One of the successful honey brews was genetic California Orangefrom the seedbankDutch Passion.

Cannabis collection is not negative for bees. Cannabioids do not work on their simpler bodies.

Med z konopí má mírně nazelenalou barvu.

The color of honey varies according to the batch in shades of green-yellow.

Photo & Video:source Nicolas Trainerbees