• Alcohol-laden hemp has traditionally been used as a massage and regeneration product in Central and South America, especially across the indigenous base of Mexico.
  • Mexicans use hemp loaded with alcohol to treat muscle pain, reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain in general

Have you ever thought that even better than the already excellent Alpa can be hemp balm based on alcohol , made at home, from your own material, and therefore your own chosen strength? If so, today you are right here and yes,Alcohol based cannabis balm is an excellent choice for the treatment of muscle pain and joint pain.

OnWe look at the mechanism of action of cannabis loaded in alcohol, its traditional use among Mexican people and, of course, the recipe and how to make such cannabis balm at home.

Traditional Mexican treatment with cannabis alcohol balsam

Medicinal cannabis loaded with alcohol and lubricated on joints or muscles is a traditional "grandmothers" hint in Mexico, which is considered a guaranteed, effective help. Lets take a look at the CTV news reporters reportage capturing one of those Mexican grandmothers, or more precisely, the former, 53-year-old dancer from Mexico City, who has a herbal aid in cannabis.will be allowed to.

"I realize that by my activity, growing and using cannabis for treatment I violate the law of Mexico. But I do something bad or really wrong? I firmly believe that not. My family used this recipe for generations and I just took the scepter. I try to stay active and cannabis as an alcoholic balsam for muscles and joints simply and simply helps me.I have a great deal of faith in the healing effects of cannabis, "a former Mexican dancer in an interview with CTV News explains his view of anonymity.

"Whenever I feel tired, you dow tincture I smear all my legs, feet and body. Its an excellent tool. No salt can be dispensed with. Without marijuanabut I am lost in alcohol. My grandmother has been using this fint all her life, "explains the slender Mexican woman, showing a bottle with decaying herbs and a solution inside.

V trAdding her own grandmother to a woman proudly and cannabis in alcohol treats her own 3 children as well as her grandchildren if needed. "When they are clogged, I place them with alcoholic tiles with cannabis on my chest and back. If they have a fever, I also add tummy tiling.

Cannabis Legalization in Mexico is atquite a good way to take into account his recent release for healingwhole. Despite Mexico's official laws today, medical cannabis has traditionally been used for centuries to treat this area.

The advantage of cannabis in alcohol is its durability - cannabis (cannabinoids) substances are well preserved in alcohol and if you keep the normal conditions of proper storage as a properly sealed container and not exposing it to light, the balsam will remain cool until it is used up.

For example, the use of cannabis in alcohol as a balsam for joints and muscles is endorsed by one of the Mexican doctors specializing in addiction and herbal treatment, Huberto Rocca: "Cannabis substances dissolved in alcoholic lubrication are completely traditional and I must say effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis , fever inflammation or various pains ... "

"… It's just good old medicine, passed on from generation to generation. Every little child here knows that hemp balm is a medicine used by their grandmothers."

hemp loaded in alcohol

How and what does hemp loaded in alcohol heal?

Cannabis and its cannabinoids can travel inside the human body in many different ways. Thanksour mechanism endocannabinoid system, whose receptors are part of most human cells,simedical substances from cannabislets say with our bodies very well. Thus, the healing effects of marijuana can be achieved by smoking or vaporizing and absorbing substances through the lungs. Cannabis foods can also be used, for which we can dissolve cannabinoids through the digestive tract.

But not everyone wants because of the bushor bite cannabis brownie in the calf and lie down on the couch, or start packing the joints. When applied therapeutic substancesthrough the skin there is another great opportunity to use marijuana effects only superficially. For example, if you stretch a trapeze, you can use cannabis balsams to apply the active ingredients right on the spot and direct the active ingredients right where they need them most at the moment.

Method of treatment with cannabis using loIt is also a very suitable choice for those who have no or little experience with cannabis through the skin. In the vast majority of cases, the application of cannabis balms to the outside of the body does not give users any psychoactive effects.

Recipe: How to load koknives in alcohol

1. Ingredients

* Always use organic products. Below are tips for qualimaterials and ingredients that you can add to the production of cannabis balm

  • The first step, of course, is your chosen cannabis mix. You can use both leaves and marijuana flowers. Of course, you can achieve a stronger concentration of cannabinoids and a better effect with a good flowering. As an addition, you can also use St. John's Wort, Devil's Root, Cayenne Pepper, Curcuma, Arniki, Ginger… the resulting mix should fill up about 2/3 of your chosen, closable container.
  • Medical alcohol

2. Production process

* The production method is very similar to the production of domestic cannabis tinctures

  • Mix all the ingredients you choose and place them well into the final container. Even before loading, it pays to mix the whole mixture into fine pieces.
  • Pour the whole mixture with pure alcohol and leave only a few centimeters of space on top.
  • Mix thoroughly and digest thoroughly
  • Close the container to prevent air from entering and leave it in a relatively warm place.
  • Mix nLeave for at least 4 weeks (6 weeks also works if not better). dig every day.
  • After 4-6 weeks of leaching and digging, filter the whole mixture over a colorless piece of high-quality fabric and pour the clean mixture without dirt into the final container. Mark the container with the note ONLY FOR THE OUTSIDE Uses. Sklin a dark and cool area.

3. Dosage of cannabis in alcohol

If you need an acute treatment for a recent injury (such as a stretched muscle), apply the mixture for about 10 minutes for an hour or two. Otherwise, lubricate as needed until you feel the desired relief of pain or other symptoms.

4. Tips for inuse of cannabis in alcohol

  • Lubricating cannabis solution on the temples, back of the neck and forehead is a great way to get rid of headaches and migraines.
    • For arthritis, apply the cannabis mixture directly to the sore and swollen joints
      • In the case of athletic feet or generally fungal infections, alcoholic cannabis balm is able to help in most cases. Apply frequently and thoroughly during treatment.
      • Pro pfeel the pain in sore and stiff muscles simply massage the mixture to the affected area

Note: Do not assume that this is a panacea and that the effects will be the same for all people. Always use common sense when applying, and if you are not sure about somethingor if you are in doubt, consult your doctor. The information in this article is of an educational nature only and you must always make the final decision yourself at your own risk.

Video instructions for making hemp in alcohol

If you want to see the production of alcohol-based cannabis balm in action, we recommend viewing the following video: