Do you choose seeds? Let's look at the possibilities. Choose them very simply with our filter. We've added news, such as the gentleman's search or the most commonly used cannabis disease. More below ..

For each filtering feature, we add an explanatory note to help you get oriented.


The possibility of filtering by seed price remains in both CZK and EUR.


The packaging of the seeds is determined by the manufacturers and begins with the self packaged seeds up to 36pcs of the package. Not all models are available in original packages in every quantity. Most models are still packed in 3, 5 and 10 pieces. For example, regular seeds start at 10pcs.


You can find the Seedbank in menu 17. Their complete list is available here list of manufacturers . You will also find a basic description of each manufacturer. What a seedbank, its a different focus.


Here you can filter the seeds that are suitable out, which in and which seeds fit into the greenhouse. A large part of the seeds is suitable for more groups. Out-of-the-box models have better cold resistance, in-house or greenhouse models often require higher mold resistance.


Although the sex of the resulting plant cannot be predetermined at 100%, it can be significantly influenced by genetics to a probability of up to 99%. Regular seeds are not modified, they are original but breeding genetics. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Regular seeds are likely to be male to female 50:50, feminized seeds are significantly shifted in favor of the female.

Flowering type

The plants are divided into two groups. One is common genetics with cannabis indica and the other with cannabis sativa, both are common type of flowering. That is. the plant "switches" to the flowering phase from the growth phase as soon as the equinox occurs, or the same ratio of light and darkness per day. The opposite is autoflowering species that contain part of the genetic ruminant cannabis. This switches to flower automatically, usually 3 weeks after sowing, regardless of the amount of light.


We can choose between two basic types of cannabis. These are predominantly cannabis indica and those with cannabis sativa. Both have their pros and cons, both in properties, height, appropriate climate, and so on. More about Genetics Difference in sativa vs indika.


A new feature in filtering is the ability to search by the models from which the breeding was created. What a model, it characteristic features. New models are created by crossing previous successful models or mixing with other genetics. The most famous models are undoubtedly need White Widow,Jack Herer,Northern LightsYou will find only models that contain a share of the parent model you choose. You can also find individual models (genetics) with a description in Cannabis Catalog .

Flower length

Every genetics (sativa, indica, ruderalis) has a different flowering time. As genetics cross and improve, models with different flowering times arise. It still differs in outdoor and indoor cultivation. For example, technical hemp , which can be grown freely and legally, has a flower length of more than 10 weeks, which is typical of cannabis sativa species. On the contrary, the cannabis indica or cannabis ruderalis genotypes are significantly faster. Even improved models with faster flowering time are so-called Fast Version Species.


Each genetic (sativa, indica, ruderalis) has different properties and this includes the maximum height. For example, legal cannabis seeds grow to 1.5 meters or more, while cannabis genetics are usually just over 1 meter. The lowest ones are so-called autoflowering species containing ruminant hemp, which usually reach several tens of cm.


The yield for plants is rather indicative. It depends on many factors, such as nutrition, the amount of light, etc. The model itself gives the potential for some yield. The yield is usually given per m2, rarely per plant. They differ in growing indoors and outdoors. Genotype also plays an important role. Indian Cannabis Genetics Have the Largest Yield / Yield Ratio (soky-yield ">for example, these ), on the other hand, autoflowering cannabis species have lower yields, and they correspond to their height and length of flowering. The yield is presented as a


Therapeutic use varies according to substance content. This is closely related to the effect of cannabis. The Indian cannabis genotype is often used in medicine for its calming effects due to higher CBD content. There are also special healing models of cannabis with a very high CBD rate CBD Therapeutic Cannabis. These have significant calming effects for, for example, supportive treatment of cancer and nausea after chemotherapy. On the other hand, the cannabis genotype contains less kanabioids and rather THC, which act as a stimulant. But cannabis species are also used in medicine, such as  treatment of depression, often have eueffects. You can also read about the use of cannabis for specific diseases in the article What and how medical marijuana heals.


the effect of cannabis on the body is related to its therapeutic use. The reported effects are based on the experience of users around the world. the cannabis effect is also related to the cannabis genotype. While the predominantly Indian cannabis models have a more reassuring effect, the predominantly cannabis models are more encouraging. From this, their more appropriate use is based on the pain versus the pain against depression, etc.