• A 29-year-old entrepreneur started a rather bizarre marijuana business in France, but this is illegal.
  • How did he do it? The law gap allows it.

Along with Great Britain, France has one of the most stringent cannabis laws in Western Europe, but despite this, huge queues have emerged in recent weeks over the new Parisian Cofyshop - the first in a country where legal cannabis is apparently being sold.

Enterprises, which appeared in several locations in the French capital in June, are using new legal gray areas and explaining that the law allows the sale of low-profile, high CBD strains.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a major component of psychoactive substances contained in marijuana, but scientists believe that CBD (cannabidiol) may act as a mild antidepressant or even an antipsychotic. Shop products contain only 0.2% THC, meaning they have a negligible impact on the user's mind. In addition, the products that are offered are labeled "do not smoke" because the product legally sold by the company is simply cannabis.

However, the French government has admitted that companies offering low THC products are spreading rapidly.

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said the shops pose a threat to public health because they promote drug use. She said they exist because they use the legal loopholes and promises that the government should bwithin a few weeks.

"Were not going to fight like crazy to make sure the French are cutting tobacco to smoke cannabis instead," she said. "We will have to review the legislation and see how we can put it all right," the French radio station RTL commented on the problem. "It is true that legislation on 0.2 percent is perhaps a bit vague."

Parisian Brigade for NarkLeo (Paris) asked drug investigators to launch a preliminary investigation to "verify that the legal conditions for the sale of certain forms of cannabis are respected".

The report also quotes Joaquim Lousquy, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and Cofyshop owner, who admitted the difficulty of identifying low THC strains called "weeds".

"Onthat grass really has the same smell and appearance as THC grass, "he said." The police cant distinguish them. "Mr. LoUsquy reportedly franchised this idea with 150 other traders. He commented on the French - The Local - commented on "the effects are zero" before he realized that it was a bad sales move and adds "Well, its a little, but its likely to help most people feel relaxed. "