• The vast majority of adults enjoy a few drinks here and there, including cannabis users.
  • However, as most of us already know, one beer can lead to half the bass and one glass of wine to the whole bottle.
  • Before you know it, you have a dragon look and of course a monkey on the other day.

Hangover Cure? We are reaching for cannabis ...

The monkey then usually reminds you all day why you dont drink it every other day. Of course, the classic, popular recommendation is to get something greasy in your stomach, preferably as soon as you derail the cold shower.

Cannabis pit helps against nausea, increases appetite

One of the infamous, side effects of excessive alcohol consumption is nausea from the stomach and overall aversion to eating. If you want to avoid regular visits to the toilet bowl, try using effectsmedicinal cannabis.

ManyStudies It shows that cannabis treatment against appetite helps and not only cannabinoids such as THC against nausea are noticeably effective, they often help better than all kinds of kinedryls lurking in home medicine kits.

Not for nothing to drinkpatients undergoing chemotherapy (in most cases also suffering from loss of appetite) prescribes medicinal cannabis. Thus, at least in countries where medical cannabis is already permitted for treatment.

A couple of pulls or maybe lFor the majority of hops, coconut milk is what I need to remember at least for food.

Cannabis helps against pain and pressure in the head healthier than pills

Stabbing or blunt headache after a night of your alcohol seeping brain is another known side effect of this drug.

If sI can afford to lie in bed all day because of a headache, then you have a great time. But what to do when you are a fresh parent or do you need to know, work?

Cannabis reduces inflammation, has antioxidant effects

Along with excessive alcohol consumption, you will not avoid an unhealthy increase in oxidative stress throughout the body.

Some of the study point to an acute increase in oxidative stress by alcohol as the primary cause of hangover.

INIn the hangover, the body basically turns on defense systems against oxidative stress, resulting in feelings that are not dissimilar to those you experience with bacterial or viral disease.

More specifically, theThis is to wash out large amounts of cytokines, which are responsible for ensuring proper communication between the different parts of our immune system.

Researchers thisthey tested the theory directly by injecting cytokines into healthy, human subjects and the world of wonder - experimental patients experienced exactly the same effects as an alcohol hangover after injection of this substance - <nausea, appetite, headache and so on.

Not only is cannabis able to intervene directly against acute oxidation of the system, it also helps those who suffer from chronic inflammation in the body, which, among other things, leads to diseases such as sickle cell anemia andcancer .

Selection fromcannabis growth - one against pain and another for energy?

Of course, if you need a boost, you can of course enjoy a cup of good coffee.

INIf you want to get rid of the pain, you can rake Tylenol - in the case of cannabis you have the possibility to "draw" a stimulating, soothing or hydrid variety, which you may be able to kill two birds with one stone.

According to statistics on cannabis users and a database on Leafly, the following hemp varieties help the hangover best:

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