What is kratom?

Like cannabis, kratom is a completely natural substance . Specifically, it is a plant whose Latin name is Mitragyna Specios. It belongs to the same family as, for example, the coffee tree, but it has relatively different effects compared to it. This tree occurs mainly in the regions of Southeast Asia and Oceania . The tree grows to a respectable 25 meters.

In cultures where kratom naturally occurred, it has been worshiped since ancient times and is associated with religious rituals and healing procedures.

How often to use kratom?

The addictiveness of kratom could be compared to some extent to the habit of coffee or tobacco products. The risk of developing addiction to kratom is minimal, but it still exists. This is also the reason why it is not highly recommended to consume kratom on a daily basis unless your medical condition clearly requires it. Regular consumption of kratom is more suitable for patients who suffer from chronic types of health problems, such as chronic pain or anxiety disorders . However, considerable caution is still in place.

Kratom dosing

The dosage of kratom is an extremely individual matter , the organism of every single person requires a completely different amount of this substance. Responsibility is a key factor and it should be noted that its use needs to be given sufficient consideration. The effects of kratom begin within a few hours, in some cases within the first hour after ingestion.

If you decide to use kratom, you need to start with a very, very low dose . Ideally half the recommended daily dose. This will avoid possible negative side effects. You can adjust the dose to suit your needs at any time. An adequate dose of kratom could potentially provide your body with the following effects, for example:

  • Relief of anxiety

  • Increase productivity

  • Better concentration at work

  • Reduction of pain (kratom has sedative effects, therefore caution should be exercised in dosing)

Compared to cannabis, the onset of effects is slower. The onset of effects of medical cannabis ranges from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the method of application. So if you are hesitant to use cannabis extract or kratom, for example, to relieve pain, we would rather recommend cannabis extract. You will feel relief much earlier.

Side effects & risks when using kratom

As we have already mentioned, the use of kratom is quite individual and it is not possible to estimate exactly how your body will react. It is certainly appropriate to consult with your doctor about your intention to try this natural substance. Only a doctor can determine if this alternative treatment is suitable for you or not.

It should be noted that each kratom actually has a different effect. While one person is perfectly encouraged even at the minimum dose, the other person sleeps hard at the same dose. So far, only brief information on the effects, hence the potential risks or side effects of kratom is known .

If some adverse effects have been reported, this has been the case with long-term use of the substance. The most common and at the same time the main side effects include the following:

  • Sleep problems (whether insomnia or frequent falling asleep)

  • General nausea and dizziness

  • Tremor of the limbs or the whole body

  • Perspiration

  • Vomiting

Kratom & alcohol

This combination is very risky! Never consume kratom and alcohol at the same time or day. The usual negative manifestations of this combination are the extreme intensification of the effects of alcohol . Very severe dizziness and nausea appear . There may also be changes in breathing rate, all depending on the health of a particular individual. We recommend a great responsibility again, avoid this combination.

For whom is kratom or medical cannabis suitable?

It has already been mentioned that kratom is primarily recommended for patients with chronic health problems. Namely, we could mention at least the following:

  • chronic muscle and joint pain

  • chronic headaches and migraines

  • mental problems - depression, anxiety disorders

ATTENTION: Always discuss everything properly with your doctor!

Short leaf

Kratom Vs. therapeutic cannabis: comparison of effects

The effects of kratom in the human body are based on the action of plant alkaloids. These alkaloids, specifically 7-hydroxymitragynin and mitragynin, attenuate signals in the brain derived from specific regions and certain receptors . These are usually receptors for pain perception, which makes kratom act as a sedative .

In contrast, medical cannabis acts in the human body mainly due to its cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC or THC) and its interaction with the endocannabinoid system . These organic compounds activate, or only moderate, the function of receptors directly at the site of the problem or throughout the body . As a result, medical cannabis has a number of potentially positive effects on human health .

Fighting pain: choose kratom or cannabis?

A huge number of different studies have already dealt with this topic. In particular, the effects of medical cannabis on pain relief, both acute and chronic, were investigated. Needless to say, both kratom and cannabis can potentially help. However, each with slight differences.

In the case of kratom, it is extremely important to determine the exact dose and variety (for pain relief, kratom with red veining of the leaves is most often recommended).

In recent years, cannabis CBD has come to the forefront . There are already several varieties that have been specially bred for patients with chronic pain . In the past, the effects of cannabis on pain have only been discussed in conjunction with cannabis highly rich in the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. But it has already rang. So if you are in pain, try one of the CBD varieties of medical cannabis . Alternatively, your doctor may recommend it to you.

WARNING: Cannabis with a THC content higher than 0.3% of the content is restricted by law. It can be legally obtained only on prescription if your medical condition requires it. Respect the legislation of your state!

Combination of cannabis and kratom

Again, any negative effects are difficult to predict, so be extra careful. The use of kratom and cannabis is not ruled out, however, everything has its rules and in this case it is really worth respecting.

Thanks to the following, relatively easy tip, you could avoid irritation or malaise in particular. Remember: FOOD is the most important thing. For example, if you are a user of CBD tincture and at the same time occasionally use kratom, it is advisable to separate the application of these two substances. And not only in time, but also with a suitable snack. For example: snack - kratom - lunch - CBD tincture - snack. The rule is really simple.

In the end, all that remains is to deliver, be responsible and always consult your doctor before any application of kratom or medical cannabis and its products!