• Acapulco Gold is now a legendary variety that has also become a viral model across the hemp community of "hippies" of the 1960s.
  • Its unique color, taste and unusual potency from this variety have, of course, made the plant celebrity enjoying the interest of hundreds of thousands of users

Along with the immediate rise in popularity of Acapulco Gold, this type of marijuana has also been written shortly in the Oxford English Dictionary. The dictionary officially defines this variety as "a special high quality cannabis variety , growing wild in the Acapulco area ... it has a brown-gold color that combines shades of gold and green."

The definition of the Oxford vocabulary does not just earn the cannabis variety, and only this fact tells us what we are actually dealing with here.

In today's article we look at both the origin and the historical significance of this variety. If you want to learn more about the variety itself, its effects and user opinions, you can skip straight to the second part of the article.

The original 'landrace' a kind of cannabis and the birth of a legend

Traditional, original cultivation Acapulco Gold varieties can be traced to the mountains and hills of the Guerrero Mountains in Mexico, where they thrived as a growing species of Acapulco With the right climate and excellent maturation conditions, cannabis was created, and at that time, all of them attributed an overwhelming power, quality and visual impression.

Gary Tovar, one of the famous smugglers of the era at the time, has a look at the look and quality of Acapulco Gold:

"The conditions in which the then Acapulco was dried and prepared for final use can be the color and smell. True Acapulco Gold has grown in the Pacific Ocean. We have dried it in the same winds. You will not mimic these conditions. Acapulco grown outside the original zone It was weaker, less fragrant, and you didn't feel nearly as powerful as you could, but you couldn't order the original genetics of Acapulco Gold , the frying rays of the Mexican sun, and the gusts of winds from the bay.

Along with the growing popularity of the legend at that time, the deployment and the effort to export, of course. However, this did not add much to the quality of the resulting flowers. Around 1975, "Acapulco Gold is no longer what it used to be.

Acapulco Gold was considered genuine, "gourmet cannabis" during the sixties. The quality of Acapulco at that time was considered to be a qualitatively higher quality cannabis than that grown in, for example, California or Texas. "Those who knew what was going on had always been looking for the right Acapulco, because nothing else had been so powerful." Another of the reports speaks of Acapulco as "an exclusive model with an even more exclusive taste."

" The potency of Acapulco at that time was up to a whopping 23%. That made it the strongest cannabis model you could get. It came to the point that the official textbook of Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health began to use" Acapulco gold "as a general one. an expression for extremely strong marijuana . "

Acapulco Gold - Cannabis Celebrity Choice

As a true gourmet cannabis choice, Acapulco Gold has also become a celebrity. It has become a popular choice for example, actress Carol Wayne or the movie legend Jack NicholsonAlso interesting were the well-known attempts by the NFL president to experiment with Acapulco "at his own risk" to see if marijuana could harm his players. Acapulco Gold has become extremely popular with students at Columbia University during the 1970s, to the point where a well-known smuggling trail has emerged that Acapulco has continued to spread across the United States.

Reports of that timethey also paid the price of this model: "During the 1960s, the price per ounce of Acapulco Gold was 20 dollars. In 1967, the price was as high as 500% per kilo of product. per kilo. " By comparison, today you will find a legal purchase of Acapulco, for example in Washington, just a gram of $ 12.

Mexican contaminationherbicides

During the late seventies, everything started to go around Mexican hemp and especially the Acapulco Gold downhill. About 20% of all imported cannabis from Mexico to America was contaminated with paraquat herbicide, which, among other things, caused significantly yellow gold cannabis color. Subsequently, there was a significant increase in demand for contaminated cannabis, which users mistakenly considered to be Acapulco Gold of new quality.

"KontaminacHowever, Acapulco Gold was the result of the Mexico Drug Program campaignand, subsidized by the US, which spent about $ 13 million a year on it. Along with contamination, under the pressure of the United States government, there was a massive burning of genuine, original Acapulco Gold. "

"It is also interesting that the Acapulca Gold genetics gave rise to a later, but no less legendary, Skunk n.1 , whose name, like Acapulco, began to be used as a general description for high-quality, strongly aromatic marijuana ."

acapulco gold seeds

Literature and Cannabis or Acapulco Gold…

Along with gaining a very high status across the cannabis community of the 1960s and 1970s, Acapulco has written, literally, in many well-known literary works.

Firstly, mention Edwin Corley's novel , Acapulco Gold, telling of a fictional near future actively seeking legalization and trading and advertising companies in the struggle to ensure the best brand of cannabis cigarettes before they come on the market .

Furthermore, the main protagonists of the novel by Robert Bolanag The Savage Detectives,as aspiring writers trying to smuggle Acapulco Gold and secure enough money to start their own magazine. Fictitious hemp cigarettes from Acapulco Gold are also mentioned in a highly appreciate David Gerrold,When HARLIE Was One.

But by far the greatest compliments and accents, Acapulco Gold enjoyed the novel No Spinradof 1969 entitled Bug Barron. In his work, Norman describes a fictitious (but today quite apt) version of the US, where the use of medicinal cannabis is not only legal, but absolutely common and everyday. Acapulco Gold hemp cigarettes are bought not only by ordinary people, but also by senators and film celebrities. A pretty good idea of the future, isnt it?

Acapulco Gold will appearalso in works by well-known authors such as L. Ron Hubbard, Hunter S. Thompson Darryl Pinckney, Jonathan Raban, David Foster Wallace or Carol Berge.

Linguist Jean-Charles Seigneuret attributed literary popularity Acapulco Gold as a variety to be The Psychedelic Stone of the Sages "and the purpose is to transcend, "detribalize"modern society and give birth to a new, golden era of revival. Is it possible that we are at the very moment of the birth of this era? You have to judge it yourself ...

Famous cannabis films and Acapulco Gold

If you are interested in documents, you can see, for example, the work of Bob Grosvenor. His 1978 film, titled Acapulco Gold, tells about a group of college students from Acapulco's golden age and their efforts to smuggle as much of this "Mexican treasure" into the United States.

Several years onit was also the film Performance, where one of the main characters was the legendary Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger's character is shown in this film as an active user of Mexican "super grass", Acapulca Gold.

By farhowever, Acapulco Gold's best-known film is undoubtedly the renowned "stoner" movie of 1978, Up in Smoke. Cheech & Chong, the comedy duo, has become, thanks to this film, the absolute icons of all stoners and cannabis enthusiasts.

What's wrong with himPerhaps the most prominent tribute to Acapulco Gold is its mention in the live version of the song by the equally legendary band Led Zeppelin, "Over the Hills and Far Away".

Acapulco Gold grown today, in modern conditions

Despite the fact that the salty wind of the Gulf of Mexico will not be planted together with the seeds,you can get the true genetics of Acapulco Gold. Barney's Farm Bank  boasts several splendid varieties, including, amongst the legendary Acapulco, specialties such as:


But let's focus on Acapulco Gold again. As the Barney's Farm seed bank mentions, in the case of breeding their Acapulco they tried to really go beyond:

"Our goal was to improve it absolutely best, and we dare say that the mission was successful. Acapulco Gold is praised by all the cannabis veterans who have been honored with it in the sixties and seventies. However, our version is literally breathtaking. In our opinion, however, the potency has been slightly increased, but what is important here is the well-preserved, beautiful shade of the resulting flowers, which have a distinctive aroma of a unique herbal fruit tones.

"Our (Barney's Farm) version of Acapulco Gold surely surpasses the glorified, historicallya famous version from Mexico. "

As far as the therapeutic effects are concerned, it should be borne in mind that this is a variety literally charged with THC cannabis. An important factor here is also the genetic strains of Sativa, which in combination with high content are characterized by an energetic, very "thinking" effect. the effect is also long and strong, so beginners should start with smaller doses.

Overall, however, users of AcapulcoGold describes acute effects as euphoric, stimulating and relaxing in later stages. As for some of the negative effects, dry mouth and eye drying may occur. However, this can be avoided by careful dosing and, of course, sufficient hydration.

Patients taking Acapulco Gold directly to treat reports of depression and stress treatment. Energy Effect it also achieves success in patients with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

Acapulco Gold users cannabis experience

Finally, we have a few reviews of Acapulco Gold and Leafly user views:

Whitsixkiller: "I was born during the 1960s gold. I started smoking cannabis in the second half of the 1970s, so at least I had a glimpse of the counterculture then.Nowadays, and all those hemp products are truly trodden, I enjoy it. For those of you younger who want to experience a bit of an old hippie culture, Acapulco Gold is the perfect choice.

Today's Acapulwhat looks and tastes from Barney's Farm as well as the good old. Of course, the quality of the resulting sticks is a bit better due to today's convenience and growers' experience. The taste is unforgettable and together with the energy effect it is an excellent choice for taking on the day when you need to stay active. So, for those of you who are trying to imagine what it was like to smoke cannabis in 1978, here's a time machine ... "

Azmiked: "A few things to dohe can't deny the potent purebred Acapulco. Its THC content is sometimes too much for me, the sticks are extremely sticky and full of resin and the effect combines exactly what I look for in the varieties - a very long-term condition that will kick you and leave you locked at home on the couch. For me, absolutely amazing variety that will kick me first and also get rid of the pains experienced by meps: //www.semena-marihuany.cz/en/blog/365-arthritis ">arthritis . You must definitely try. WE MAINTAIN THE ORIGINAL LANDRACE OF THE VARIETY LIVING! "

Anyankaemanuela: "I really enjoyed this variety. Firstly, Acapulco Gold smells and tastes absolutely majestic. His husband always describes his aroma as a combination of chamomile tea and honey. On the contrary, it resembles fruit jellies or typically fruity sweet things for children. a very sweet variety, we are most likely to agree on honey.

Effects come typicallyvery fast and feel the next minute two after a few puffs from the vaporizer. Immediately, he wants to talk to me, and my thoughts will speed up and sharpen. Overall, after Acapulco, it feels like I'm able to drive a higher drive and operate a level better than a sober one. Definitely a super choice for the day. Sexual perceptions have also been enriched considerably, but they are always always increased after my cannabis application.

After the initial chat and high quality sexMe and my husband decided to watch the movie and I have to say that the viewing experience is greatly enriched after Acapulco. I normally dothe problem of focusing on the actors 'gestures and recognizing subtle expressions and actors' expression. But not after Acapulco - it seemed to me that I was more able to empathize with the actors and enjoy the film feeling better and more strongly. After a wonderful evening I fell into an even more beautiful, deep sleep. I have to try Acapulco a few more times to be absolutely sure. However, if the initial experience is repeated, I will definitely rank it among my top models.

* All information in this article is purely indicative. We are not responsible for the described effects, varietal characteristics and information submitted by Leafly.

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