Certainly many of you dream of one day changing the law and making marijuana a legal affair. Just because they would help many people to cure illnesses, and they didnt have to deal with it as unfortunately as usual.

But the present is that marijuana is criminalized and sometimes it is possible to see really extreme sanctions for its possession and handling. In todays article, we look at a few countries and their criminal law and give some examples of what happened to people who did not comply with their laws.

Marijuana in Thailand

Thailand looks very friendly at first glance and is often a popular place for tourists. Not only is culture and monuments attractive but also the kindness of the Thais. In addition to all the positives, it also has a downside, which is the increasingly flowering drug store into which it can get really big problems.

Marijuana can be found quite easily in the capital city of Bangkok and in various tourist resorts. Tohoto is not only used by tourists, but more often by richer Thai youth. But its a big risk because local laws are really tough. For drug trafficking50 years in prison or death penalty. Among the people who have paid off for their irresponsibility is inseveral Czechs. For Thailand, corruption is no big unknown, and calling the law is often beyond human power.

Marijuana Fraud

What can you meet here? A frequent example here is the so-called marijuana fraud. You can experience this scenario in tourist resorts such as Phuket (on the island of Ko Samui): A tourist with a bartender closes a shop where a tourist purchases a certain amount of cannabis. And what follows? The bartender immediately informs the police with which to share the profit.

The tourist is transported to the "drug treatment station" where he spends about 6 weeks according to Thai law. No one cares about having any obligations at home like work, family, and more. However, if the tourist is more affluent, he / she has the option to be released prematurely. Helpful "lawyers" will help you pay around 4,000 Euros (ie 100,000 Czech crowns). This money is half divided by the law firm and the police.

Thai prisons

In Thai knowthere are absolutely appalling conditions. Not only do the prisoners receive little food, hygiene is strongly inadequate, but sometimes they are mentally and physically abused. Pokin addition, the tower becomes ill, exposes itself to the threat of death. Medicines must pay for themselves and the guard must procure them. If the financial situation doesnt allow him, its his bad luck. Not to mention the size of the cells and the number of prisoners in them. You will normally meet twenty prisoners in a small-sized room. The idea is crazy. And sleeping in human conditions? You can also forget it. A cold concrete floor serves as a bed.

If one gets scabies or other contagious disease, most of them are infected by most in a moment. But you can also find yourself in solitary confinement, talking about the whole size of the human body. Instead of a toilet hole and a sink for washing full of rusty water.

Věznice v Thajsku

Marijuana in the United Arab Emirates

The capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Dubai. Dubai is a symbol of luxury and wealth, with about 99% of the UAEs population. Je prthat you will find luxury cars, luxury hotels, artificial islands, jewelery with precious stones, virtually everything you imagine luxury.


The UAE is a country worshiping Islam, so it is no wonder that they have a Sharia law system in place. Sharia dates back to the 7th century and encompasses all aspects of everyday human life, from politics, through business, family, sexuality and personal hygiene. It is practiced by more than a billion Muslims worldwide. Prohibits any consumption of narcotic drugs! The minimum possible punishment you can get for possession of narcotic drugs is 4 years.

Quaint penalties
  • 1) In September 2007, one Englishman stuck on his heels. At the airport in Dubai, customs officers were detained with cannabis being found on the shoe sole in 0.003g! This tiny amount got him in jail where he was sentenced to four years. He sat until February 2008 and the only happiness for him was that he was given a pardon.

  • 2) The English DJ performing in the UAE got another curious penalty. The police have been told that this Dj is using hashish. In March 2010, he was arrested and sentenced to four years after they found THC in the body. But what is really sad, so that Dj had the last joint to use in December 2009 when visiting Anglie.

  • 3) Although we will not talk about marijuana now, it is worth mentioning. Swiss who traveled from London to England had a poppy meal on the way. He was subsequently arrested and sentenced to 4 years for holding 3 seeds of poppy!

  • 4) A sub-contractor of the US Army in Afghanistan has also earned it for several years, carrying marijuana and hashish from Kandahar to Dubai. As these special flights were not controlled, it was safe for drug transport. But this American suffered from his naivety. When he called a taxi, he generously wanted to share a marijuana joint with a taxi driver. The taxi driver made a short call during the ride in a language that the American did not understand and took him to a gas station where the police were waiting for him. Followed by a logical tightening of controls on special flights from US bases.

  • 5) The 21-year-old British and 19-year-old Syrian, who was ignorantly selling marijuana in a UAE in disguise, was severely punished. For just 20g, Im just saying deliberately, because the punishment doesnt get me proportional to being sentenced to death. For us, they might leave the court on condition, unfortunately, the UAE law is relentless.

Trest smrti

Marijuana in Australia

There were times when the amount of cannabis under 30g was dealt with by mere agreementor a smaller fine (up to $ 100) and a higher amount of a fine of $ 2,000 or a 2-year imprisonment or a combination of both. V součAt present, the limit is reduced to 10g and further when a person is detained with a quantity greater than 100g, it is automatically considered to be a narcotic drug, which is punished with a fine of $ 20,000 and imprisonment of at least 2 years.

It is also illegal to sell smoking equipment such as pipes, papers, filters, etc. The violation threatens a fine of up to $ 10,000 (and up to $ 24,000 in sales to minors).

Marijuana in Mexico

As is generally known, crime in Mexico is high. The government is fighting hard against drugs. Even a very small amount of marijuana or hashish is enough to get a prisoner or to pay a high fine. Smuggling and selling are severely punished, and Mexican laws do not distinguish between hard and soft drugs.

Marihuanand Croatia

At the beginning of 2013, Croatia changed its drug law. Newly, the possession of narcotic drugs for personal use is only considered a misdemeanor, no longer a criminal offense. Users will avoid jail, but will face high fines.

Marihuana in the Czech Republic

Although the laws of the Czech Republic are milder than, for example, in Thailand, cannabis use is also illegal here. It is a misdemeanor for possessing a small amount of a drug for personal use, kis fined up to CZK 15,000.

A person may be sentenced to up to 1 year in prison for possession of cannabis in quantities larger than small. The cultivation of cannabis plants is also illegal. There is a risk of up to CZK 15,000 for smaller quantities. There is a risk of imprisonment for up to six months or a fine when growing larger quantities for personal use.

A small amount is up to 15gmarijuana per person. There are up to 5 years in prison in possession of a large amount of drug for sale.

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