at the very beginning of this article, lets say a whole groove of this affair. Bio fertilizer is on the rise, people want to grow and do not want to add to what they consume chemistry. Hormones are added to the range of fertilizers and stimulators, and the vision of abnormal breast enlargement also discourages many people :)

Biological fertilizer not only for hemp has three basic disadvantages: it is more expensive, less efficient and easier to break down.

But not just for the disadvantages of organic fertilizers, why do people actually buy it? First of all it is natural and does not only contain the most needed substances to grow. The bio contains mostly trace elements, everything that is "packaged" in the production of fertilizer. Conversely, fertilizers produced by chemical means have something of it and something from it, its a mix of production. Some substances are depleted for its stability (durability).

Each type of BIO fertilizer has a different origin and the use is different. Horse and cow manure, for example, is generally used for cultivation and is not suitable. But there is a bio fertilizer to grow,on flower with universal use. Na kvThe third phase is for those more self-sufficient decent chicken droppings, which has a high phosphorus content for flower development. The best bio fertilizers include Wormhumus or Guano.

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For and against domestic fertilizer

If we mentioned chicken droppings as a suitable fertilizer to flower, why actually buy organic fertilizer. Many people have the opportunity to secure it. The answer is simply dosing. No one will tell exactly how concentrated it is and how to dilute it ideally. So we can easily burn the plant, or it may suffer from a lack of other elements. 

Of course, the concentration of the fertilizer being purchased is constant and the dosage is exactly given. For most bio-fertilizers, the addition per liter of water is 2-5 ml from the very early phase to the late flowering stage. Bio fertilizers are being used to grow in the soil, losing efficiency faster with water and therefore almost unused in hydroponic systems.

The exact dosage is incredibly important. Pokif we want a very good result, we have to fertilize a lot. But we cannot immediately double the fertilizer doses. In this, commercial fertilizer has a great advantage. If we want to go to the edge of yield, we need to increase the benefits gradually. Here is an excellent classic pipette helper :)

If he has plantsnutrients, is vital, is cool and blooms a lot.

Make the most of the chemical fertilizer

They are more efficient and last longer. They can be used for the next season in normal conditions. While organic fertilizers will last from 1 to 1.5 years in the shed and dark, this can be considerably longer for chemical fertilizers.

Classic fertilizers are more effective. We are not talking about classical fertilizers for geraniums or roses, which are at least a waste of time and potential yield from the plant.

The best ones are Plagron. Alga is still a superb fertilizer. Alga Grow and Bloom is a simple division into two stages of the plant and is completely satisfactory for complete nutrition. For those who want to make the most of the plant, there is a supplementary stimulator from Plagron Green sensation . With this triple combination you just can't lose! :)

It is purely human to what it gives accuracy. If it is not a hormone stimulator, it is purely on the subjective attitude of the person to what accuracy. Everybody has their own pros and cons.