There are many discussions about marijuana. Some are her great advocates, others condemn her unconditionally. But what is certain is that marijuana has a healing effect on many types of disease, so leaning to one side is not the best solution. In todays article, however, we point out the negative side of long-term use of marijuana.

Not only does it affect the health of the user but also has a significant impact on his personality and behavior. Lets start with the influence on the psyche.

Influence on the psyche

Long-term cannabis users can see how their character traits change, psychological habits arise, lose motivation. Many users will tell you whether they are addicted to a substance. Although there is no strong addiction, though, such as the urge to use the drug again and experience the feelings associated with it, occur very often. Abstinence may manifest to be states of mental exhaustion, irritability, some loss of motivation, anger, aggression, fear, anxiety, sleep disorders, restlessness and more. These manifestationsthey last from a few hours to several days. As for physical dependence, it has never been proven in cannabis.

Marijuana has also been shown to result in short-term memory disorders. Long-term use may be caused by lack of concernindividuality, loss of perception of time passing through, changing character, ... etc. Cannabis is also considered a trigger for depression or psychosis.

Influence on lungs 

Smoking is the most common method of cannabis use, and this is the stumbling block. By Toxic substances such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), nitrosamine, tar and cannabinoids are given to the lungs. Pro srovtobacco cigarettes: one joint is reported to contain as much tar as 2-3 tobacco cigarettes. Maybe it doesn't look so scary when you think a cigarette smoker is able to smoke a whole box a day, but it's a different style of smoking. The marijuana smoker is exposed to much more tar because the smoker draws smoke deep into the lungs and tries to hold it there for as long as possible. Another factor contributing to more tar is the absence of a filter.

And howdoes it affect health? At smokers may develop bronchitis, bronchitis, irritable coughs, and sometimes emphysema (emphysema) and the most feared cancer of permanent mucosal inflammation.

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Effect on the fetus

If a mother enjoys marijuana during pregnancy, this may result in a lower birth weight for the infant. Furthermore, smoking, whether active or passive, is loaded with toxic fumes, oxygenation of the blood is reduced and the fetus is worse off. Research shows that smoking marijuana is more harmful to tobacco than tobacco smoking. However, if a cannabis mother smokes only in the first less than a month, cannabis has no effect on the embryo. Why is that so? This is because at this early stage, there is not yet a firm connection between the embryo and the maternal blood from which the harmful substances would reach the fetus.

At a later age of about 4 years, cannabis use during pregnancy may cause childhood disorders and poor learning ability.


Psychoses are another possible risk of long-term and intensive use. Large amounts of THC in the body can cause anxiety, hallucinations, delusions, confusion, hyperactivity. After the withdrawal of marijuana, everything soon returns to normal.

Another negative is that it can worsen the symptoms of schizophrenia or accelerate its development in more susceptible individuals. </ Strong>

The transition to tougher drugs

It is sometimes said that marijuana is the drug of choice for drugs such as pervitin, cocaine or heroin. This stems from research showing that hard drug users started with marijuana. However, this is individual and it depends on each individual. There are many cannabis users who have never reached the harder drug and are not attracted to it.


Cannabis is often given to patients with eating disorders, precisely because appetite increases . At therefore, weight gain and subsequent obesity may increase the taste of healthy and susceptible individuals.

Influence on sperm

According to scientists, the substances contained in marijuana also affect male fertility. Marijuana causes so-called premature sperm inflammation, which begins to move frantically, which soon deteriorates and dies before reaching the egg.

Regular useTestosterone levels in the male body may also decrease, leading to a reduction in sperm count. Sperm maturation is also affected by cannabis. There may be deformations and changes in the cellular structure.

Influence on isystem

Long-term use of cannabis also affects human immunity. Regular consumers are more prone to viral diseases and allergies. This is because cannabinoids can suppress the defense functions of the human body.

Influence on personality

Chronic users sometimes literally lose touch with reality and live the so-called "life in the fog". Drowsiness accompanied by a cumbersome conversation is a common phenomenon. Typical symptoms are the reluctance to bear responsibility for actions taken, the slowing of the pace of life, the inability to address problems other than drugs. These people are threatening to comesome life chances may be less socially adaptable. But it also helps someone to escape from reality that does not bring him happiness.

As can be seen from todays article, the risks of prolonged use of marijuana are numerous. Some effects are transient and return to normal when marijuana is eliminated, others are unfortunately irreparable. This implies that every card has two sides. Cannabis can help people but also contribute in a negative way.