Sex and marijuana. A topic that has been thought of by enough of you. What effects does it have on sex life? Is it at all beneficial? Lets look at the positives or negatives of its use. THC itself exhibits hallucinogenic, buffering and stimulating effects. MrIt also has a reputation for the effects of marijuana like aphrodisiac. The fact is that THC affects male sexual activity in two phases. In the first phase of the prud will increase testosterone levels in the blood andon the other hand, it will lower it far below normal. In women, the effect is slightly different. They are larger when ingestedappetite for sexual act athey get better orgasm. However, women are more reluctant to use cannabis to improve their experience, especially because of the loss of self-control that is associated with the use of protection and the consequent unpleasant consequences.

Simple advice howto increase partners ease even without weeding them addition of cannabis extracts to conventional vaginal gels. But we should pay attention to cannabis oil extract - it causes cracking in ordinary latex condoms.

Considering the many surveys we have, lets look at one that comes to surprising conclusions. You can do the picture yourself. It shows that chrother marijuana users say higher satisfaction with your sex lifethan ordinary equally old people.

It is also interesting higher number of sexual partners. It is reported that such a marijuana user has an average of 24 (as opposed to the Czech average of 10 sexual partners). See cannabis models with encouraging effect

The research also investigated how men with erectile dysfunction or inability to achieve orgasm were at it. None of these failures has been proven.

Very surprisingly, although the sex life of marijuana users is in many ways different in terms of use protection, occurrence of hepatitis C or active prostitution the behavior of Czech men is the same as for marijuana users.

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As for the positives, there are plenty of them, unfortunately, as usual, the negative must be reflected somewhere. Though pthe first half hour after taking marijuana brings the feelings of euphoria, excitement and encouragement of your libido, thena condition similar to sedation.

For a longer period of time smoking leads to a decrease in libido and reduction of genital sensitivity . It can even cause excessive usesexual dysfunction.THCstiž suppresses significantly sexual receptors located in the smooth muscle of the penis.

How does marijuana affect fertility?

Marijuana smokers have been shown to have THC causes a disorder of sperm production and their behavior is abnormal ,which has a negative impact on fertility.

Can cause hyperactivity and premature burnout. Under the influence of the substances contained in marijuana, the sperm on the way to the egg begin to move frantically, resulting in early energy depletion and subsequent death of the sperm.

Even smaller doses may have a negative impact on the fetus during pregnancy in women. Prolactin, hormone stimulating milk production during pregnancy is reduced using marijuana.

In conclusion, it can be said that marijuana can be friendly, but it can also show its dark face, which is not accepted as well and every person should be aware of the possible consequences of using it.

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