Species: hybrid

Skunk No. 1 (Skunk No. 1, Skunk # 1) is a specieshybrid cannabis s predominant component of indica (approximately 65% indica, 35% sativa). There have been years of gradual breeding of various cannabis species from Central and South America, Afghanistan and Thailand.

Belongs to one of the most popular species worldwide. The power and potential of Skunk n. 1 is borne out by the fact that the designation "skunk" has not only been used for its offshoots but for any stronger cannabis in general. Flowers they are very sticky and have a very strong and penetrating aroma . Many modern hybrids are based on this model.

Effects and properties of Skunk n. 1

Skunk n. 1 belongs to encouraging models. After using it comes up cheerfulness, ease, exhilaration, euphoria, and relaxation . It is also suitable to support concentration and creativity .

Thanks to these features, it is most sought after by users who deal with the problem here, depression and fatigue.Skunk n.1 also has the ability reduce pain and promote appetite for loss of appetite. Effectusually comes roughly 3-5 minutes after ingestion.

Negative effects

Aridity of mouth and eyes. It may cause some users paranoia, nausea, nervousness or anxiety .