• With chronic, prolonged use of cannabis, the effects are gradually reduced and blunted
  • If you want to restore the original euphoric or therapeutic effects, allow yourself and your body a tolerance break

Everyday users medicinal cannabis using this versatile effective herb for therapeutic or recreational purposes, they know that after some time the desired effect begins to subside.

Despite changing everyoneThus, there is some "numbing" of the varieties and consumption patterns, and the original euphoric or healing effect (for example, pain) is more difficult and difficult to achieve. In order to restore the effect and restore the effectiveness of medical cannabis users must inevitably indulge in it cannabis pause to restart body tolerance.

What does a tolerance pause mean?

Tolerance pause is simply a break from cannabis use to "cleanse" everyone cannabinoids in both the brain and the body, especially THC cannabinoid. But is this approach really effective?

The fact that you get the human body toonopi, after some time, creates tolerance, for example, in a study by Dr. Miles Herkenham, working at the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH):

" The effect of cannabis is time and dose dependent. Its effect is achieved by the endocannabinoid receptors in the body. The results of our study show that chronic cannabis use leads to a gradual reduction and numbness of the original effects, the more cannabis used, the faster it tolerance to its effects is created in the body. "

hence, the effects of cannabis are decreasing over time, especially in chronic use, that is clear. However, developing a too high tolerance can be avoided by using a healthy break from use. Some of the users opt for a gradual dose reduction, while others will completely stop cannabis to regain the full psychoactive and therapeutic effect

A change in use or tolerance pause may also mean a change in the user's rituals and habits. For example, if a user misses a cannabis application inin the morning, it automatically achieves an increase in effects cannabisused in the evening. Thus, the break from cannabis and the reboot of tolerance is highly individualized and depends mainly on the users established patterns of behavior and habits.

Why take a break fromh medicinal cannabis

Just thinking about taking a break from everyday use cannabisit is not very tempting for many recreational users and patients.

There are a number of reasons for taking a break - first of all the aforementioned pause to restore lost effects, starting a new job where there is a mandatory test for drugs, courts, probation and other legal issues, traveling around areas that arent for cannabis friendly or simply trying to save money and not spend so much on rulespurchase of fresh herbs. Finally, some of the users simply and simply want to stop using cannabis for good.

Except thosehowever, the cannabis pause is also great for restoring perspective and restoring everyday sobriety, helping some users to realize that recreational cannabis treatment is mere complementary activity and not something without what they could not do.

"Everyday users who indulge in a long break from cannabis return to the use of this powerful herb with a sense of rediscovered respect, euphoria, creativity and a sense of well-being, all of which are the aspect therapeutic cannabisoffers a healthy degree of use. "

Length of pause from cannabis use to restore effects

It is quite difficult to estimate with the accuracy of how long the treatment cannabis needs to be postponed, especially because of the highly individual effects of this herb. Generally speaking, only a few days should be enough to feel a stronger, enhanced effect. On the other hand, at least one to two weeks of abstinence is recommended for those who attempt to break their long-term habits

In case you want a residual kanabinoids in the body, abstain for more than two weeks THC residuesthey can stay in the system for over 30 days. If you want to speed up the process, start exercising regularly and burn sufficiently - THC is stored in the bodys fat stores and the sooner you "drive it out", the sooner your system will be cleared of residual.

What to expect if I stop taking it cannabis day to day?

Generally speaking, not much. If you are not a patient who needs cannabis for treatment, you need not worry. Physical dependence on cannabis does not exist and all you can meet is an occasional whisper of your favorite variety. Try replacing cannabis sports with sporting activity, cook some good or just do what you usually did after applying cannabis. Youll see for yourself that it wont change that much.

After returning to medical cannabis Remember that it is necessary to reduce the dose quite sharply compared to the one you were used to before the break. After a long pause in use, the effects of this herb can be quite surprising and cannabis will show you what it really is. For some it may be a full euphoric experience, for others it is a moment full of anxiety and paranoid feelings.

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