In the series of articles about the biggest cannabis festivals, we first stop at the biggest one in our country and that is Cannafest. This year, his will be held fourth year , which will take place in Prague at the Incheba Exhibition Center in Holešovice November 8 - 10, 2013.

This international fair is open to both the general public and the laity who would like to expand their knowledge of cannabis and related products.

Vystavovamore than 17. tcountries/ Strong>Here again in three days he will present his products and services in six main categories: Natural Resources, Cultivation, Accessories, Art, Media, Institutions.

PrezentovaThere will be fertilizers, hemp accessories, textiles and hemp cosmetics. Organizations will also be represented, fighting for cannabis awareness or legalization. They will be completed by a growshop from all over the country, including ours. In addition, companies producing vaporizers or other smoking accessories will be represented here.

All overthen the fair takes place beforeworkshops that can do the themes of using cannabis as a material, healing, .. Visitors can taste cannabis produkty, bread with hemp seeds, pasta, oils, and also hemp beer.
In addition, visitors can meet with various cannabis experts, whether or not they can Cannafest is the biggest cannabis event in the country.from the medical community, scientists, cannabis-treated patients themselves, as well as lawyers. There is also the famous CannafestCinemawhere you can view one of the many documents dealing with cannabis themes.