As part of the articles on the biggest cannabis fairs and festivals, we will now focus on the biggest ever, the High Times Cannabis Cup. This year it will take place 26th year this world-renowned cannabis trade fair coupled with an international competition with marijuana and its products.

"The Cannabis Cup is a celebration, founded in 1987 by the editor of New Yorks High Times magazine Steven Hager, who came to the Netherlands for an interview with the founder of the first Dutch cannabis seed company. The festival is held annually in Amsterdam. The jury annually announces a company that has grown the best marijuana, showcasing the best new product or prettiest stand at the festival. "

As is already the casefairs, the experts will speak to them to share their experiences with visitorsand adviceconcerning cannabis. However, a detailed program for the 26th edition is not yet known, so we will have to wait for a while for a specific name.

26. roHigh Times Cannabis Cup will take place on 24.- November 28thas traditionally in Amsterdam.

Here we bring you list of winners previous years:

  • Skunk # 1 from Cultivators Choice
  • Early Pearl / Skunk # 1 x Northern Lights # 5 / Haze by the Seed Bank
  • 3rd Cup 1990 - Northern Lights # 5From the Seed Bank
  • 4th Cup 1991 - Skunk from Free City
  • 5th Cup 1992 - Haze Skunk # 1 from Homegrown Fantasy
  • 6th Cup 1993 - Haze x Northern Lights # 5 from Sensi Seed Bank
  • 7th Cup - Jack Herer from Sensi Seed Bank
  • 8th Cup 1995 - White Widow from the Green House
  • 9th Cup 1996 - White Russian from De Dampkring
  • 10th Cup 1997 - Peace Maker from De Dampkring
  • 11th Cup 1998 - Super Silver Haze from the Green House
  • 12th Cup 1999 - Super Silver Haze from the Green House
  • 13th Cup 2000 - Blueberry from the Noon
  • 14th Cup 2001 - Sweet Tooth from Barney's
  • 15th Cup 2002 - Morning Glory from Barney's
  • 16th Cup 2003 - Hawaiian Snow from Green House
  • 17th Cup 2004 - Amnesia Haze from Barney's
  • 18th Cup 2005 - Willie Nelson from Barney's
  • 19th Cup 2006 - Arjan's Ultra Haze # 1 from Green House
  • 20th Cup 2007 - G-13 Haze from Barney's
  • 21st Cup 2008 - The Green House for Super Lemon Haze
  • 22nd Cup 2009 - The Green House for Super Lemon Haze
  • 23th Cup 2010 - Barney's Coffeeshop - Tangerine Dream
  • 24th Cup 2011 - Barney's Coffeeshop for Liberty Haze
  • 25th Cup 2012 - Coffeeshop for Flower Bomb Kush

To learn more about the fair, visit its official site: