• This month, good news came out for everyone who is worried about the potentially negative effect of using cannabis on the brain of adolescents.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have recently streamlined all research and results dealing with the effects of cannabis on the youth brain. The content of the data goes back to the 1973 research. The total spectrum of data used is therefore striking - from 1973 to 2017.

"We wontwith straining - the result is that long-term and frequent use of the treatment konopí it has only a negligible, short-term negative effect on cognitive functions. "

An important side finding here is that the age at which researchers started using cannabis did not play any role in the results. Also very interesting is that even the scientists measured the minimal negative effect on cognition was all reset to zero after only 72 hours of abstinence. Thus, although hemp can have a negligible negative effect on normal sensory functions, scientists have concluded from the data that it is enough to stop cannabis for a while and everything returns quickly to normal.

In other words, if you are young, you are taking cannabis timeit and you feel a little dull lately, so put it off for a while. According to the scientists, you should be quick to return (up to three days).

Long-term use of cannabis and numbness

It seems that the old prohibitive threats of prolonged brain damage to cannabis are for good refuted. The results of this research have a very significant impact on the whole discussion about cannabis health impacts, especially considering that the negative effects of chronic cannabis use on cognition have so far been accepted by the pro-hemp community.

The study further concludes that previous research has failed to measure the persistence of the negative effects of cannabis application. Thus, there was an overall reassessment of potential, negative consequences.

Marijuana and Psychosis at a Young Age

However, it is also worth noting that some of the research to date has found a link between the development of psychosis and the use of cannabis at a young age. The research of JAMA Psychology, which we are talking about in this article, did not deal with the occurrence of psychosis, only the impact on cognitive functions.

Anyway, for juveniles or those who have used cannabis actively in school age and are, of course, worried if their heads have broken down, the results of this research are comforting.

Source: Coughlin-Bogue, Tobias. "Cognitive Effects of Cannabis on Youths Are Short-Lived, Meta-Analysis Finds." Leafly, 19 Apr. 2018