• Therapeutic cannabinoids are part of the cannabis active ingredients
  • CBN is one of the cannabinoids demonstrating therapeutic potential
  • Its therapeutic effect is mainly to support sleep, relieve pain and improve appetite

You still remember when you first heard of cannabinoi CBD and how drastically did the view of medical cannabis change with the discovery of this non-psychoactive cannabis component? And who would forget the following discoveries of therapeutic effects for patients suffering from chronic pain or inflammation, not to mention children suffering from epileptic seizures, which extracts from varieties rich in CBD literally returned a chance to a normal life.

Today we will follow up last part on cannabinoids CBD and THCV and look at the less known and less explored cannabinoidCBN, ie, cannabinol.

Therapeutic potential of CBN

Title CBN it is very similar to the better known onee CBD, in fact, however, cannabinol is a very different substance that is currently due to its therapeutic potential under the microscope of many scientists, doctors and researchers.

For the time beingwe know the following spectrum effects:

  • pain relief
  • It works against insomnia
  • It promotes the formation of new bone cells
  • Antibacterial
  • Against inflammatory
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Supports appetite

The most known and celebrated effect CBN however, it is a soothing, sedative, sleep effect. A remarkable finding is the result of a study by Steep Hill Labs, where it was found that CBN is about twice as good as the known insomnia drug, Diazepam. For approaching, about 5mg CNB acts as well as Diazepam 10mg. PTherefore, those of you who often roll in bed halfway through the night trying to sleep, could be CBN the right choice.

Mnoho scientists are arguing that just higher concentrations of CBN in hempgenetically predominantly indickém can be for its sedative, soothing effects.

Unlike THC however, CBN it has no significantly psychoactive effects. This is good news for patients who want to heal, but they do not want to have THC narcotic effects. However, remember that versus THC that in some varieties such as Chem Dogreaches over 30%, with CBNrather appears in trace amounts of about 1%. However, even in such a small amount, CBN is capable of having far-reaching effects, which is again good news.

Where can I find CBN?

CBN is a degradation product THC. By oxidation to THCit is CBN. Since this process starts anywhere where air is present, CBN is often part of the poorly stored, old cannabis flowers. Therefore, it is often condemned as a cannabinoid, which is part of a lower quality, cheap cannabis. However, this prejudice is not entirely appropriate, as CBN, like other, more popular cannabinoids, has a considerable arsenal of therapeutic effects.

CBN léčebný kanabinoid

CBN-rich varieties

It is worth mentioning the popular, swee Jack 47, hybrid bred by seed bank Sweet Seeds. This hybrid of sativa genetic predominance is widely popular with both its genetic predecessors, the legendary one  Jack Hererand well-known AK 47, just because of the healing effects. Patients taking this variety praise especially the antidepressant and analgesic effects of this variety.

Second choiceu, again in Seed Seeds Bank, Ice could be for youCool.This very fresh variety is a pride Sweet Seeds, known for its exotic aroma, rich in wide spectrum of aromatic terpenes. The CBN profile of this variety is on average about 0.5%.

Both of these varieties are available at our e-shop.

Other varieties and products high on CBN they are already on their way, but by that time you can see our offer of quality cannabis seeds for example  CBD varietiesor generally relaxing Indik.

And what do you, our readers think? Does CBN and other lesser known cannabinoids have the same potential as THC? Share your feedback with us in the comments section!