• THCA is an active cannabinoid contained mainly in fresh cannabis plant parts
  • Early studies investigate the potential therapeutic effects of this substance

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is another of a number of active cannabinoids contained in medicinal cannabis plants, which shows tremendous therapeutic potential beyond being in the immature phase of research.

Opposite velihnámém THChas THCA(although the name is very similar) completely different properties. First, THCA shows no psychoactive effect over THC. Furthermore, THCA is found only in ever-living cannabis plants.

Sklithe plant slowly dies and dries out - the chemistry of this process involves the conversion of THCA to THC. Exposing the plant to heat (smoking, vaporization) causes the so-called decarboxylation-acceleration of the same process and complete THC activation.

Advantages and Effects of THCA

As we have already mentioned, studies on the therapeutic potential of THCA are still at a very early stage. However, preliminary research and some unofficial sources suggest that this cannabinoid will probably play a pivotal role in future research into the whole spectrum of cannabinoids, along with its more famous "cousins", such as THC and CBD.

Here are some of the possible THCA therapeutic effects which have been detected in the precursorstudies:

  • THCA has anti-inflammatory effects - it can help in the treatment of arthritis or lupus
  • THCA has neuroprotective effects - useful in neurodegenerative disorders
    • THCA is anti-emetic - suitable for treating loss of appetite and nausea
      • THCA acts antiproliferatively - possible effects in prostate cancer

Léčebný Kanabinoid THCA

Another possible positive effect could be based on patient stories to help withwww.semena-marihuany.cz/en/blog/370-nickness "target =" _ blank ">insomnia, muscle spasms and pains. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for official confirmation of these THCA benefits, as many other studies are needed to understand what role THCA will play in future cannabis-based medicines.

Where to find THCA?

All THC-rich varieties that have not been decarboxylated contain some THCA. The highest THCA content can be found in the still or freshly harvested parts of the plant. For this reason, the recent health benefits of juicing are also being discussed recentlyparts of cannabis.

Unfortunately, specific THCA-containing products are not yet available, so we have to wait for future research that will probably confirm its healing effects and move the hemp industry back a step further. Until then, we can recommend you excellent CBD oil from our range. About specific therapeutic effects CBDyou can read in our previous article.

And what about you, our dear readers? Have you tried to take advantage of the healing effects of fresh cannabis? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section!