• CBC is less known cannabinoids, but that certainly doesnt mean that less attention should be paid to him.
  • Several recent studies have shown it to be a very effective substance withe is a very effective substance , kthas a great therapeutic potential
  • Future research could bring light to the treatment of some forms of cancer or neurological diseases.

Cannabinoids you have already heard, especially about the most famous ones, about THC and CBD. But you probably havent heard of cannabis yet heap, known as CBC. BIt has been discovered more than fifty years ago and belongs to the so-called "big six" cannabinoids, which are very important for medical research.

CBC has the same origin as THC and CBDall three compounds are derived from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). Cannabis plants produce CBGA, the causative agent of the three major cannabinoids: tetrahydocannabinic acid cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and cannabinochromenic acid (CBCA).

CBC, unknown cannabinoid

CBCis not a psychoactive substance which means that it does not cause euphoric states like THC. The reason for this is that it is very poorly bound to the CB1 cannabinoid receptors found in the brain. But CBD is well tied to other receptorsthe human body, such as the vanilloid type 1 receptor (TRPV1) and the ankylrin receptor type 1 (TRPA1), which are associated with pain perception. When CBC activates these receptors, a higher amount is released for the natural body endocannabinoids , for example anandamides.

CBD has undoubtedly unique effects, and researchers also believe that the mouth in synergy with other cannabinoids . This synergy is called " entourage effect"and we know that it works great between THC and CBDthey did not fully understand whether this effect works among other cannabinoids.

CBC Treatment Potential:

The potential effects of CBC can have far-reaching consequences. Below are a few diseases that cannabisochromen can alleviate:


Cannabinochromen can be strong cancer fighter. This may be due to its interaction with endocannabine, which occurs naturally in the body by anandamide. It also seems that CBC can reduce the absorption of anandamine, which can therefore remain in the bloodstream for longer.

Recent study, kwhich examined tumor growth in mice, showed1a that cannabinoids may be effective in inhibiting inflammation and reducing tumor growth.Anandamide has also been shown to fight in in vitro and in vivo observationswith breast cancer, so its actually such a promise that CBC and other cannabinoids might one day become chemopreventive agents.

2006 study, which investigated cannabinoids (other than THC) and their possible effects on cancer, first identified CBC as a potential cancer fighter . Thc is known for its antitumoreffects for several cancers, but complicating the use of its powerful psychotropic effects. Meanwhile, researchers have found that CBC is the second strongest cannabinoid in the area of preventing new cancer cells.

Pain and inflammation

It has also been shown that in connection with rheumatoid arthritis (induced in mice), cannabichromen reduce painand inflammation. Cannabinoids as CBCthey react differently to inflammationthan non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and, moreover, do not have unwanted side effects. Another example of entourage effect is the synergy of CBC and THC that has been investigated a recent animal study.THC CBCs have been shown to exert pronounced anti-inflammatory effects and together act on inflammation more efficiently than either.

The brain cells

In a 2013 mouse study, CB was found to hav positive influence progenitor stem cells (NSPC), which are the basis for proper brain function. Progenitor cells began to work much better near CBC , which may be very important in the future because progenitor cells are further broken down into astrocytes, the cells responsible for maintaining a constant internal brain environment. Astrocytes provide many functions, including correct neurotransmitter targeting and protection against oxidative stress. Astrocytes counter many problems (oxidative stress, inflammation, toxicity) that lead to neurological diseases such as Alzheimers disease.


A team of researchers who had previously pointed out the impact of CBD on acne continued to focus on other cannabinoids including CBC . Yes, it has been found that CBC is a powerful acne suppressor. Acne is a skin disease characterized by excessive sebum production and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. CBC has been found to be stronganti-inflammatory effects and also suppresses excessive lipid production in the sebaceous glands. CBC also dreamthe amount of arachidonic acid (AA) required for lipogenesis. More research is needed, but one day the CBC couldto be an important acne remedy.


Another great example of entourage effect is the synergy of CBC, THC and CBD. Together they show considerable antidepressant effects .

The potential therapeutic effects of CBD are very important and require further research to determine how strong this compound is and how it can interact with other cannabinoids in synergy. Patients interested in cannabis treatment currently have very limited options , but with new studies and weakening cannabis laws, other new drugs that will use different cannabinoids will soon become an option.


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