• Therapeutic cannabis is becoming the focus of not only those who want to change their mental state of mind, for example in anxiety or depression
  • Medical capabilities of marijuana can also be used "simpler" and externally
  • One of the most common uses of medical cannabis is to help reduce muscle and joint pain

How To Treat Muscle Pain Using Cannabis?

If you still doubt the reality marijuana therapeutic abilities, it is recommended to consider the following statistics. In the US, cannabis for medical purposes is already legal in 23 states. Of all patients who have since started using cannabis for treatment of diverse diseases and diseases, 92% reported improvement their condition.Which other drug can statistically help 92% of patients? In addition, we are talking about not one but a whole series.

One would say that nowadays, after so many achievementsr medicinal cannabis across the range of countries and their patients, the healing powers of this herb should already be recognized as a well-known thing. Unfortunately, cannabis still stands in the way of a few opponents,which include the most often outdated state legislation.

And how are you doing? Have you ever been bothered or have chronic muscular and cannabis pains given you no chance? After where do you think you would be medicalou marijuanato test, read on.In todays article, we look at how medicinal cannabis can help against muscle and joint pain, and why it is cannabinoidsComing from this versatile usable herbs can literally be the last lubrication youll ever need.

How do cannabis substances help muscle pain?

Chronic pain andarthritis it is undoubtedly one of the most common conditions against which medical cannabis is used among patients. But it is against  cannabinoids excellent way. Antioxidant properties of substances such as CBD and THC are a powerful part of the healing effect of marijuana What does the existing science say about these properties?

Cannabis, Science & Evidence

Although there are still many opponents of cannabis and "disbelievers", the results of the studies are irrefutable. As an illustrative example, we can look at a 2014 study from the University of South Carolina. Here, researchers have noted the very important properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the most abundant and psychoactive cannabinoids in cannabis flowers, during their research.

"Researchers have found that THC is able to reduce the immune response causing inflammation in people who are suffering from autoimmune diseases such as lupus, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis."

Another year later, another study focused on changing to a close cannabinoid sibling THC - cannabidiol (CBD). Scientists have seen beneficial effects here CBD extractused inin cases of joint inflammation in mice infected with arthritis. According to the researchers, the positive pain reduction effect was a clear result of the study, alongside the observably low to negligible negative effects treatment with CBD.

Cannabis use directly reduces opiate dependence

As you may have read in the article "Medical cannabis and the fight against the opioid epidemic", dependence on pharmaceutical opiates is a scourge of modern society. In the US alone, thousands of people die every year from painkillers.

However, therapeutic cannabis is against chronic painof the different species can take action efficiently and without the serious risks of taking opiates. However, there is already a statistically observable reduction in opioid overdose deaths where cannabis is available to patients. It seems that most ordinary people are aware of the risks associated with opiate taking, and if they have the option, they prefer a safer and more natural choice, just as it is  Medicinal Cannabis.

If the patient has no choice, he is forced to take painkillers on the recommendation of the doctor. However, many of these pharmaceutical products are demonstrably dangerous with regard to the human side effects. Moreover, creating a strong dependence is almost a matter of course.

"As a result, pacient may inadvertently find herself amid a strong drug addiction, not unlike that of heroin addicts, for example. Medical cannabis in these cases can mean literally the choice between normal life and unnecessary suffering. "

Jhow can cannabis be used to treat muscle pain?

The variety of medicinal cannabis, its species, varieties and todays products can be quite confusing for a patient - cannabis beginner. So lets take a look at a few ways to prepare or buy cannabis so that it can be best used against muscle or joint pain.

  • Hemponly for treatment, without narcotic effects? Choose tincture

If you are really only about reducing pain, without a psychoactive effect, its good to apply it hemp extracts, tinctures orointments.This metoda is most suitable for local use and application at the site of pain. Also remember that it matters on the cannabinoid ratio. For example, if you need to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible, dial high CBD products

  • Ask your cannabis / pharmacist provider

If you intend to smoke or vaporize cannabis in order to reduce pain, ask your provider what variety it is before buying a new herbal supply. Cannabis is a genetically varied plant, and for example some species Indian cannabis is more suited to dying pain than pure Sativa, such as the cerebral Durban Poison. Interestingly, the process of analgesic function of cannabis itself is interesting if it is also linked to the psychoactive state causedsmoking THC-rich varieties.

Patients describe the process very psychosomatically. In certain cases, cannabis allows them to perceive the source of the pain itself as being externally, with the medical effect of cannabis . As always, however, one has to remember that the psychoactive effect of cannabis is highly individual and subjective. This means that in the case of THC, an equivalent effect across different treatment cases cannot be guaranteed.

In case they follow themwhich of the anti-pain cannabis varieties you are just looking at, you can look right at the end of the article where we are discussing these varieties.

  • For strong and long lasting effect with slow onset choose food

Eatables, muffins, cookies, almond milk or even lollipops enriched by therapeutic cannabinoids - if you have the right recipe or source of hemp food, you can choose this treatment. Marijuana foods are not for everyone, but patients who are able to get used to them often praise the profound and especially long-lasting, analgesic effect.

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Finally, it is worth noting that some experimentation is also required for cannabis treatment. Medical marijuana is a very diverse plant. Considering the huge range of different ratios>cannabinoids and terpenesthat plants can contain, and all this is entangled with a strong subjective effect,it is clear to all of us that there must be to some extent everyone "a doctor himself". If you need help choosing the right model for your needs, the article may help you "6 tips on getting to know quality hemp".

Finally, there are several varieties and models of medical cannabis that are best suited to the treatment of muscle or joint pain, according to the experience and reviews of Leafly users.

Types of marijuana suitable for muscle and joint pain

Blue Widow

Joining two experienced users well known and now histormodels Blueberry a White Widow arises to us Powerful Combo - Blue Widow . handy hands of growers seed bank Dinafem focused on the child of these renowned ancestors with the intent of consistency, creating a hybrid praised for lemon flavor with a touch of pine. Thanks terpene limoneneis a physically relaxing effect balanced by a certain level of cerebral effect. Thus, users praise the bodys calming effect, but are able to retain attention and watch a movie, read a book, or play their favorite game.

JdinPHX: "Due to the long-term taking of a medicine called Levophed, I have developed a strong neuropathic pain in both my hands. If I do not take any medication against the symptoms, the pain is so restrictive that I cannot function normally. Im afraid that nervous amputation may be waiting for me in the future. commend the Blue Widow, which I think is the most effective herbal analgesicwhich can be found. "

Shark Shock

Another of the descendants the legendary White Widow, but this time with the other parent and no less famous Skunk # 1, YippeeCBD variety Shark Shock CBD.In addition to a balanced effect and the ability to intervene against various types of pain, Shark Shock as a plant is characterized by a tumultuous growth and extreme aroma spectrum. Not for nothing was Shark Shock one of the most successful models of the 1990s. In addition, his new form and focus on greater CBD production is now enjoying less interest from recreational users and patients.

Bigperm18:"For a long time I was envious of friends who have their personal and guaranteed effective cannabis variety, but I can say after the last visit to the dispensary that I can finally join these specialists, too, with my own addition. Shark Shock is for me Finally, a marijuana model capable of delivering the exact effect I expect from hemp shortly after smoking a joint, my eyelids soften, relax my neck muscles that torment me after a long, sedentary work, and then mI can sleep in comfort. "

CBD Kush

Thanks to the collaboration efforts of experts / gardenersDutch Passionand the more recent CBD Crew is getting us CBD of California cannabis celebrity - Kushe.Compared to the original, highly psychoactive Kush variety, CBD Kush is a much more cannabinoid model. As a model where equal CBD: THC ratios can be found under proper growing conditions, this variety is suitable for both beginners and patients who need to get a higher volume of medication in their bodies, but want to keep a "clean head".


SAD or Sweet Afghani Delicious not only cannabinoid (THC 25%; CBD 1.8%) but also typically musky flavor and aroma of old school Afghani varieties. Indically the dominant spectrum in this plant, together with terpenes, combines a healing plant mixture that is very praised by patients suffering from diverse pain

As described by seed bankRoyal Queen Seeds, "The Royal Madre combines predominantly Sativa Genetics, providing a classically thought-making state, suitable for most recreational users. However, patients with the effect of Royal Madre also find relief from pain often occurring during cancer, as a result frequent chemotherapy.With sufficient CBD content, patients can benefit from the cerebral nature of the variety, with Royal Madre being best served with a vaporizer. By doing so, we will keep the whole spectrum of effectiven flavonoid substances and in addition, we save lungs from unnecessarily irritating smoke. "

Speedy Chile

When we went to one of Europes leading seed banks - Royal Queen Seeds - we can see one of the newer specialties from their arsenal - very fastle dokvétající variety Speedy Chile.

Speedy Chile is a special blend third generation autoflowers by combining RQS experimenters in particular to achieve the fastest maturation and maintain both plant stability and durability during growth. From the experience so far, it seems that they really did this job. Gardeners, experts and beginners do not hear about the speed of completionexpected generous yields, along with average but sufficient cannabinoids.

"Patients who need sufficient cannabis medication in the shortest possible time often choose autoflowering varieties. This is the 'Speedy Chile' express train."

Painkiller XL

Let us not forget that we are talking here in particular about varieties capable of helping with muscle or joint pain. Therefore, Painkiller XL cannot be omitted here. The no-for-nothing variety, called Killer of Pain (third of all good again from RQS), is a balanced model used across a truly wide selection of patients.

RQS: "Painkiller XL is unique in that it can provide an absolutely equivalent CBD cannabinoid ratio: THC. For the most part, it is 9% THC and 9% CBD. Due to the balance of both dominant cannabinoids, Painkiller XL is of interest to patients who You can hear about Painkiller from people suffering from fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, migraine, diabetes , epilepsy or even AIDS , and now we have the opportunity to provide a better understanding of how body cannabinoids interact. really balanced, cannabis medicine.

Orange Bud

If you are one of those who love skunk varieties, then youve probably met Orang Bud.This California Legend,which has peaked in cannabis success especially during the 1980s and 1990s, is still one of the top 5 drivers of Dutch Passion seed bank today.

Despite, that some of Leaflys users complain about the overly strong THC presence, and at the same time we can see a laudable effect as a plant analgesic.

Autoflower The Next Generation Cream Mandarine is especially popular across the patient base for its long lasting effect on the physical body. Of course, those who suffer from pain often choose Cream Mandarine simply and simply for financial reasons. Even smaller amounts of Cream Mandarine, according to patient feedback, are sufficient for sufficiently long therapy. As a bonus, a creamy sweet flavor is often appreciated in this model. Indeed, Cream Mandarine comes from gardens Seed Bank Sweet Seeds- specialists in the rich taste of cannabis.