• In todays article, we look at the interesting experience of one of the editors of High Times magazine
  • The editor encountered a rarely strong, cannabis eatable containing a dizzying amount of THC - 1000mg

"How strong have you ever enjoyed our favorite THC and CBD? Most of my friends mention 250mg, rarely THC 500mg, as the absolute top goodness. Many of them also agreed that such a quantity is enough to experience quality hemp KO.

Several weeks nand I had the honor (and courage) to test the Kushie Candy 1000mg Thin Mint. Kushie Candy is mostly available with 100mg or maximum 250mg THC. At the moment when I spotted this specimen, made of honest 2 grams of extract Girl Scout Cookies, I drew my wallet and bought three.

I waited for the next day and I enjoyed whole chocolate around noon. Although the taste of hemp was known in chocolate, it was not an off-flavor that you have already come across in cannabis foods. If I hadnt read in advance that it had a bucket of medicine inside it, I wouldnt think of it to my liking.

Overdosehemp food

I began to feel around the second afternoonthe first THC response in the stomach. My eyes became heavy and I started to have a focus problem. For me, this is usually the first sign that food is beginning to tread. The specific sensation I experienced after 1000mg of THC is difficult to describe to a sober man. I felt as if my thoughts had taken a very fast turn, I couldnt respond to them.

" Thoughts with my head they ran so fast that I couldnt respond to them. The processes in the mind seemed to me a thousand times faster than the surrounding world. "

On that day, I had a couple of responsibilities scheduled to fulfill. I needed to hang out a few shops, cook and clean up. Fortunately, despite all the laziness, I got into everything and managed everything without problems.

Around ThuIn the afternoon I started to feel like in a waking dream. All that, my feeling of lameness has doubled. I didnt want anything at all. I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep the next day. It is only half past three in the afternoon! Im not sure if there was so much in the food kanabinoid CBN,Or it was simply a powerful dose of THC. What I knew for sure was that my body was getting into a very fossilized stupid state.

Around the Six I was in the middle of writing this article. Focusing on writing was inexplicably strenuous. My thoughts flew everywhere. Luckily Im notchal switched on music, otherwise I would have long since fallen away. I listened to the rain drops clattering on the sill. Every rebuke was a fight against falling asleep. I decided to turn off the music and play Inception. This movie seemed like an excellent addition to my current state. Once the movie started, I made a fatal decision. I settled down comfortably in the couch. If I left something hot on the plate or the like, it wouldnt work well. I fell asleep before I could remember.

the effect of THC is different in smoke and food

When smoking cannabis, we get a narcotic effect through the action of classical delta-9-tetrocannabinol. However, when THC gets through the gastric tract, it is converted in the liver and then released by the metabolized THC into the blood, which results in a much stronger and more psychedelic effect.

You can have rich cannabisexperience and even great tolerance. But even one well-dosed cookie can grease you all day. That's why he's really it is important to pay attention to the dosage when eating cannabis.

Overall, I must admitthat I enjoyed the thousand-milligram THC chocolate experience. The first whiff of unwrapped goodness was immediately intoxicating. The combination of mint and chocolate is absolutely irresistible for my sweet tooth. Very strong, but for someone like me, a great thing.


In particular, by sharing this experience, I want to build awareness of the strength of cannabis products. It is certainly not an exhortation for readers to try THC as much as possible. Always exercise your own discretion, experience and dose as needed. For those who test hemp food for the first time, the 'less is more' mantra is always true. An overdose of cannabis food will not kill you, but it will probably lead to feelings of restlessness, paranoia or even less panic. "

Source: Soriano, Cesar. "What Happens When You Eat 1000Mg of THC?" High Times , 23 Feb. 2018