Anyone who is more interested in cannabis and its cultivation has certainly heard that males of this plant are basically useless. 

In the followingYou can learn more about male plants and find out that in some moments it is not possible without males.

How to Know a Cannabis Male

Unlike females, male cannabis plants are much smaller and less branched. Female plants may even have twice the weight of male plants. Male plants have yellow or greenish petals and five stamens. Males can be recognized relatively easily. Their typical flowers grow in the form of small balls on the top of the panicles.

Balls occur ingroups and hang from the plant on thin fibers. At first, they are only a few millimeters large. After a longer flowering time, the balls burst and you can look at them with small THC crystals with the help of a magnifying glass. The more glittering the crystals are, the more likely they are to be of higher quality.

At this time, you may also notice tiny pollen sacks that resemble a banana in shape. Pollen is formed from these It is proven that pollen is transmitted by wind ten kilometers away.

Another feature by which both sexes can be distinguished are white hairs. In female plants, white hairs grow in the so-called axillary of the plant (at the point where a leaf grows over the main stem of the cannabis), two hairs from a single petiole. The male is much easier with hair. He has none.

Sexual characters can already be recognized in the months, months and half after transplanting.

As a rule, male plants mature 4 to 6 weeks earlier than female ones. Flowery male plants are ripe about two weeks after you can observe the first small head. These flowers do not grow all at once, arise gradually, for several weeks.

Cannabis growers usually dont like male plants. Male plant potency is not as high as that of female cannabis and is also too uneven. After discovery Mostly, the male flowers get into the last phase of their lives. Even thoughh the male plants that were grown under the roof or in the mild climate were repeated several times.

Most growers, except when they need to get new seeds, get rid of the male plants or harvest them before they come into Even a small male plant can easily pollinate one field. And if a male pollinates his male with pollen, it loses all the resin for which the cannabis is grown, and a large amount of seeds become the crop.

Samčí a samičí rostlina

The use of males

Male and female leaves and inflorescences from females can be used to produce cannabis products. Both sexes can also be used for technical purposes.

But why it isA male cannabis important is its role in growing cannabis to seed. It is simply not possible without female and male plants.

Growing your own seeds

At the beginning of this chapter it is good to summarize a few basic terms. Seeds that can be bought, for example, in the shop may be regular or feminized seeds.

Regular seeds

These seeds are not genetically modified and are also cheaper. After the seeds are planted, both female and male plants appear (approximately 50:50 in diameter). All8-Standardized-Regular-Seminary-Cannabis ""non-feminized seeds

Feminized Seeds

These seeds are genetically engineered so that when you plant ten seeds in a flower bed, all of them should be female plants. However, there may be cases in which male plants or hermaphrodites also appear (on both plants there are both male and female inflorescences). This is mostly due to a genetic defect in this type of seed. 

Seed growing

Therefore, to produce seeds, pollen from a male cannabis needs to pollinate a female plant. The important thing is to do so in the beginningflowering phase . There is nothing heavy about pollination when growing cannabis outdoors. It may even happen that even if there is not one male among the plants, the female cannabis will be pollinated. All it takes is to find a single male plant in the neighborhood, for example, in a neighbors garden.

lign: justify;When indoor cannabis is grown, the best breeding season between the second and fourth weeks of flowering depends on the variety. However, there is no need to keep an eye on the exact date. In short, pollinating is possible when the male plant begins to form pollen. Males flourish earlier than female plants, so nature has arranged for pollen to get on female plants.

Wherever cannabis plants are grown, there may be a case of hermaphroditism. In some cases, several small male inflorescences are formed on the female plant, which can be very poorly observed. The seeds thus produced may be of good quality, but in many cases they are not of any value and the grower has no assurance which two plants have ever crossed.

Seed propagation

To get quality seeds, you need to choose the best plants. Of course, the seeds of the plants must not be feminized; The seeds are planted and the development of each plant is observed. Only the strongest and the highest quality are selected from grown plants. On the contrary, it is necessary to remove those plants that show some defects and are therefore unsuitable for cultivation. The more rothe stlin is planted, the more room for more selection. For example, if only ten plants are planted, only one male and one female can remain. All seed banks, which have up to thousands of plants, are also selected.

Choosing ithe really does until the strongest plants remain. In males it is enough to have only one best plant at the end. Pollen from this male is pollinated by more female plants.

Quality males can be easily recognized by plant construction, but also by the smell of resin that can be felt if the stem is rubbed between the toes. If the male is very good, it is possible to keep his pollen for further reproduction.

When multiplying, it is also very important to separate the male and female plants from each other so that the weak individual does not pollinate all the females or that the pollen from several males does not mix together.

When the male touches the powder, it is mature enough. Then it is possible to take a small brush, soak it in the pollen of a male plant and then transfer it to the female inflorescence. It is also possible to cut off a part of the male or even the whole male plant and scrub it on the plants of the other sex. Thereafter, the plants are cared for to reach maturity and can be harvested. In conclusion, the grower reaches tens to hundreds of seeds. A properly matured seed must not be white or green. Usually it peeles itself out of its case and is brown and brindle.


There is a difference between breeding and seed multiplication. While seeds of the same variety are used for seed propagation, two different varieties are cross-breeding and a third variety is produced which optimally has the best characteristics of the starting varieties. breeding is also done if it is necessary to obtain a variety with some characteristic properties (for example, a variety that can withstand lower temperatures).

The breeding result is never predictedavailable. Bred a new variety is very time and patience consuming. Those who breed cannabis have already had some practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

Therefore, toa stable variety is achieved, one more rule applies. It is necessary to perform backcrossing with the original male line. If, for example, the female White Widow (WW) and the male Jack Herrer (JH) cross, it is necessary to cross the female of the resulting variety with the male JH in subsequent generations.

Feminized varieties are sopossible to breed. By transferring pollen from a male to a feminized plant, you dont get feminized seeds. Such seeds will produce both female and male plants. However, feminized seeds are not used in principle for breeding.


Another method of reproduction is growing from seedlings and clones. In this case, it is grown by cutting from a large mother plant. So growers are called mothers.

The grower takes the cuttings of the mother plant in vegetative growth before flowering. These are then grown as a separate plant. These new plants will be the same as the original plant. This will preserve the character and genetic characteristics of the first plant. The clone can be cloned at least twenty times, but it will probably not hurt anything if it is cloned even more times.

Cloning is definitely notas easy as growing cannabis with seeds. It is also time consuming, as seeds grow twice as fast.