Light drug use is currently at a very high level throughout the European Union. More precisely, until 6%European respondents said they had used cannabis more than once in the last month, 8%European respondents have used cannabis in the last year and 12%European youth populations have experienced cannabis at least once in the last year.

In the Czech Republic, these figures are even higher. Almost half guilt of respondents from the Czech Republicshe has had some experience with cannabis. Almost a quarter of Czechs (23. T%) consumes cannabis several times in the last year.

51% respondents believe that getting cannabis in the Czech Republic is very easy and almost 24% Czechs said that it would gain this substance relatively easily, while the minority (12%) it would be difficult to obtain the hemp product.

This recent report by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction found that young Czechs aged 16-34 flightThose who use cannabis regularly are many times more than any other EU country.

Mapa uživatelů konopí v evropě.

Cannabis in Communism

It is very likely that even your parents have some experience with cannabis from the time of communism before 1989. Translator and writer JosefRauvolfhe remembers very well how it was with cannabis in communist Czechoslovakia.

"Of course, some people at that time already knew about the so-called cannabis effects. However, it was just a lucky one who either had known what the cannabis was growing or was getting smuggled from the west. However, these lucky ones knew well that it was better to grow cannabis at home in the garden because they were at least two years in prison for smuggling. But the quality was very poor at the time. Seeds were obtained from friends or even from bird feed. On the other hand, if you had grown grass in your own garden at the time, nobody called the police, because at that time no one knew what the plant was and what it looked like.

Numbers and statistics among the youngme

The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction survey focuses on the percentage of people who smoke marijuana at least once a year. However, other factors are not taken into account. For example, it says nothing about intense marijuana users, about other medical uses and so on. Perhaps the Czechs are more curious than other Europeans, or perhaps they have a more loose approach to cannabis plants than other EU Member States.

Anyhow, these statistics may be misleading andthey do not show us exactly the objective results of this analysis. In our opinion, we are not the only country in the European Union where cannabis use is a common social aspect among young people. Perhaps the Czechs are more open to giving true data, maybe it is really very easy to get access to cannabis in the Czech Republic, but we certainly do not differ in objective results from other countries such as France and Spain, where there are much stricter penalties for consuming medical and hence a much smaller percentage of the population will officially claim to consume it.

Experience with cannabis among 16-year-olds 16-ti letí češi a marihuana


1999 34%
2003 43%
2007 45%
2011 42%

pravidelní kuřáci Reuse - more than 6 times in life


1999 27%
2003 35%
2007 35%
2011 29%

marihuana podle pohlaví By sex ..

<tr>201147%37 %

guys girls
1995 25% 17%
1999 40% 29%
2003 47% 40%
2007 48% 42%


Medical prescription marijuana sales should be made available on April 1, 2013 to patients with cancer, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or even psoriasis. However, the new law does not assume that health insurance companies cover the cost of treating such a patient. Price lists for cannabis and cannabis alone are not yet known. However, it is very likely that they will reach far higher prices than is currently the case when buying cannabis on the black market. The Czech Republic will first import a drug from Israel and the Netherlands until the State Institute for Drug Control begins licensing local growers, which will be at least five years later. The institute will also regulate this area and organize tenders to buy marijuana from local growers.


April 30, 2013:
Act No. 50/2013 is valid for exactly one month, but the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the State Institute for Drug Control have not yet been able to launch the "Medicinal Products Register with Restriction under § 81a," which was to be fully operational from 1 April 2013. it is not possible to legally prescribe or issue medical cannabis to the indicated patients, and the law is not fulfilled as a result of the non-activity of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.