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    Angel Heart (Mango Haze x Afghani Skunk) - Standardized Seeds 18 pcs Mr. Nice

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    Angel Heart is a perfect blend of 5-star genetics with a divine taste that leaves you with a mixture of flavors in your mouth that you will want to experience again and again.

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    <p>Feminized seeds have an affected genetic structure. In feminized, the probability of a female plant is over 95%. For regular (or also standardized) it is about 50%, male (pistils = pollen) or female (flowers = marijuana).</p> <p>The plant can have a classic photoperiod and thus requires a decrease in the time of light per day to 12 hours (autumnal equinox) to change to flowering. The autoflowering versions switch independently of the amount of light and dark after about 3 weeks.</p> <p>Sativa (hemp) plants are taller but thinner. Indica (Indian hemp), on the other hand, is smaller and denser. While sativa has more stimulating effects, indica is more calming. The third genotype is Ruderalis (rum cannabis), which is contained in autoflowering species but has no more active ingredients. Species labeled "fifty-fifty" have the same representation of sativa and indica.</p> <p>The height depends mainly on the selected genotype. Autoflowering species (containing the ruderalis genotype) are the smallest, ranging from 20-120 cm. The genotype of Indian cannabis is usually 1-1.5 m. Above 1.5 meters, mainly cannabis and genetics grow from it. The non-autoflowering version goes trimming and height to be adjusted more "to the side"</p> <p>The yield is usually stated by the manufacturer on an area of 1 square meter. Or put on a plant. Autoflowering species have a smaller yield, between about 20-100g of dried marijuana per plant. Plants with the classic type of flowering (photoperiod) then larger around 100g to several hundred grams. The yield depends mainly on the height and quality of the genetics.</p> <p>Whether this genetics was ever awarded at a major European competition. The competitions have a tradition mainly in the Netherlands and Spain. We recognize the High Times Cannabis Cup, HIghlife Cup, 420 IC Cup, Spannabis and Expogrow.</p> <p>Tetrahydrocannabinol is a stimulant, it causes euphoria, joy, appetite. The content of THC in the plant is lower in the case of outdoor cultivation, it also depends significantly on the chosen genetics and sufficient nutrition. In most countries, THC is up to 0.3% legal, otherwise it is a misdemeanor!</p> <p>Cannabidiol is a soothing substance that relieves pain. It has main uses in medicine. It is fully legal. In most genetics it is represented by up to 1%. Special CBD genetics can have as much as 5%, which is similar to a pure extract - CBD oil.</p> <p>The best therapeutic use by patients for this model. The main predisposition to use is the cannabis genotype, THC and CBD content.</p> <p>Outdoor genetics are suitable for outdoor conditions in Central Europe. On the contrary, the indoor ones are intended exclusively inside or they would not be able to bloom outside. The third option is greenhouse genetics, which usually have a higher resistance to fungi due to increased humidity.</p> <p>Genetics is created by a combination of genotypes of cannabis, Indian and rum cannabis. They are bred in the laboratories of so-called seed banks for higher yield, higher content of medicinal substances, better resistance, faster growth, etc.</p> <p>Number of seeds in original package.</p>