Species: Cannabis indica

Big Bud belongs to the indica cannabis category (85% indica, 15% sativa). This strain comes from Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk No. 1. Big Bud produces a large number of large flowers. The aroma is penetrating with hints of wood, earth and flowers.

Effects and properties of Big Bud

Big Bud is an intensely calming and soothing model suitable for evening use. Like other indica species, it is most often sought after for pain or problems

Big Bud is also a good model for depression, nausea and eating problems. It helps with headaches or .

Negative effects

Dry mouth. Sometimes dizziness and paranoia may occur.

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Big Bud - standardized Seeds 10 pcs Sensi SeedsBig Bud - standardized Seeds 10 pcs Sensi Seeds

Big Bud - standardized Seeds 10 pcs Sensi Seeds

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119,70 €
Flowering type photoperiod
Genotype indica
Placement outdoor
Big Bud is known for its stunning revenue. Indica family tree is dominated by it, which has been carefully and refinedly improved for many…