Harmony produkty

Harmony manufactures CBD liquids for electronic cigarettes, terpenes, CBD oils and cosmetics . The quality of their products is very important to Harmony, which is why they oversee the entire production process, from growing technical hemp to testing it in independent laboratories.

Harmony strives to provide affordable products in harmony with nature. They see a world where billions of people could benefit from cannabis products, but most do not have safe or legal access to use them. At Harmony, they use science, nature and business as tools to improve the quality and availability of cannabis products. Their goal is to support the development of a world where access to affordable CBD products is no longer a challenge, but a means to improve life .

Antonin Cohen, the founder of Harmony, began studying the use of cannabis in 2008, co-founding the first non-profit cannabis organization in France. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with the world's leading scientists, entrepreneurs and activists who have gained strong expertise in the design and quality control of cannabinoid products. After many years of research and the first CBD product launched in 2014 , he dedicated his life to introducing Harmony to the world .

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