Marijuana is a stable growth plant that can grow in a wide range of climates, in a greenhouse or indoors all year round. Like all gardening, growing cannabis is a skill developed over time. It's easy to learn, but being a true expert is a lifetime education. There's no reason to be intimidated by growing your own cannabis. The process is not complicated and can be as cheap or as expensive as you want.

Nothing beats the feeling of successfully growing your own cannabis seeds and harvesting your own homegrown crop. Indoor growers buy equipment and arrange their own grow room with lighting and ventilation. But the cost is usually recovered after the first harvest. Nowadays, as cannabis cultivation is gradually legalized in more states, more people than ever are successfully growing their own cannabis.

Growing your own cannabis outdoors ("guerrilla cultivation") is the most cost-effective way to be self-sufficient in medical or recreational marijuana, where home-grown cannabis is allowed. All you need is a sunny growing area with good quality moist soil.

Photoperiodic cannabis seeds often grow outdoors for 5-6 months. Plants can reach up to 4 meters in height and width in ideal conditions. Because they take longer to grow than autoflowering genetics, you can usually expect high yields. The plants are usually ready to harvest around the beginning of October.

A grower in the north will face completely different challenges than a grower in the south, for example in Spain. Some growers will be able to grow feminized outdoor seeds, while others will need to focus solely on autoflowering seeds. The dates of the last spring frost (three frosts) and the first winter frost vary from region to region, you will need to know your location.

Cannabis seeds that grow outdoors in northern climates must finish flowering within a short growing season. One of the main challenges for those who grow cannabis outdoors is choosing strains that ripen on time. If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, you can choose between autoflowering seeds and photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering seeds have a faster life cycle and stay shorter (about 1m tall) than photoperiod feminized strains. But autoflowering seeds also tend to yield a little less, which is natural because they have a shorter growth cycle.

Feminized photoperiod seeds take 5-6 months to complete their outdoor growth cycle. This means you may not be able to harvest until a changeable October.

Many outdoor cannabis growers let their cannabis seeds germinate indoors and for the first few weeks they are left under artificial indoor light, eg 18-20 hours a day. Regardless of whether the seeds are autoflowering or feminized. By giving the seedlings indoor light for the first few weeks, the plants get the best possible start and avoid outdoor weather/pest threats while they are at their smallest and most vulnerable.

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