Cannabis processing is a complex process that starts with properly matured cannabis plants that need to be processed, we need to know what our goals are and what final products we expect from them. We are usually interested in hemp flowers, but some growers may be interested in seeds or hemp fiber. From the flowers and their parts, it is possible to further produce cannabis extracts, such as hash, kief, resin and the like, these products can be our goal, but usually they are only secondary products made using - e.g. trim - dust and leaves that are created during trimming sticks. As a standard, the plant must be properly dried, for this you need to know what kind of environment is suitable for drying, temperature and humidity or air flow. Proper drying is important because of the biochemical reactions that begin to take place in the harvested plant material. It is one of the most underrated aspects of growing cannabis, the importance of proper drying and curing of cannabis. Many passionate home growers work hard to identify the best cannabis seeds, the best lights and nutrition, only to let the result fall down with substandard drying and curing. This can make the whole cannabis smoking experience a huge disappointment.

Drying and curing has a huge effect on the quality of the flowers

If you've ever opened a jar of well-aged and dried flowers, you're immediately greeted by a rich, pleasant aroma. These very important terpenes, which affect the quality of the resulting cannabis, should be preserved in the sticks. The sticks themselves will often be sticky when you squeeze them. They retain a certain crunchiness and release their intoxicating aroma when squeezed. Well-rested canes have lost enough water to keep in a jar for a year or two without the threat of mold. Properly dried sticks retain high levels of terpenes, allowing you to enjoy a deep, satisfying vape. Well-managed drying and curing is the icing on the cake after successful cannabis cultivation. Try to do it too quickly and you risk losing the aroma and flavor. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines and optimize them, you will be able to master the art of perfectly dried and aged cannabis. Properly dried and stored cannabis will last for many years with minimal loss of potency,

In this category you will find articles dealing with harvesting hemp, trimming (cutting), drying hemp and subsequent curing (aging sticks in jars), processing hemp into extracts, production of hashish, CO2 extracts, BHO and others.

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