Cannabis sativa plants come from Central Asia. This climate zone is known for its warmer conditions, which suits the heat-loving Sativa strains. The plants are rather tall and slender, with a height of up to 2.5 meters. Very rarely they can grow up to 3 meters. Hemp seed is typical for its strong and fibrous stem. Sativa is not demanding to grow and can get by with few nutrients. However, sufficient water is essential. Suitable conditions and a sufficient supply of water can ensure up to several times higher yield of cannabis flowers. The flowering period is usually longer for this type of cannabis.

Sown hemp is also referred to as so-called technical hemp and has a wide range of uses. The aforementioned fibrous stem became a raw material for the production of textile materials and clothes with very good capabilities. Hemp fibers have antibacterial properties, eliminate unpleasant odors, are breathable and maintain a constant temperature. In addition, Cannabis Sativa is often the basis of legal CBD hemp genetics. These genetics are unique due to their very low content of the cannabinoid THC (up to 0.3%). For example, in dermatology, the substance CBD has proven itself especially in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Articles dedicated to Cannabis Sativa will enlighten you with a lot of information from the various areas of use of this type of cannabis. As well as its potential benefits, properties, abilities and possible effects.